The easy route to stylish success

Who says a sewing machine always has to look the same? For the BERNINA 215, there’s a very special option available: with BERNINA DesignSkins®, you can turn your 215 into an unmistakeable, entirely individual one-off.

To do this, you can either select your favorite design from the various designs available at www.bernina.com/designskins, or use your own photos or graphics to lend an individual look to your BERNINA 215. Your design is printed on an easy-to-apply vinyl skin, enabling you to style your BERNINA 215 according to your wishes and preferences –it doesn’t get any more individual than that! 




To read more about the awesome features of the BERNINA 215, CLICK HERE to visit the official BERNINA website.


Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price: $1,149


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