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Lola Pink Fabrics is excited to announce that we have become Lafayette, Louisiana's authorized BERNINA dealership! We offer the full line of BERNINA sewing machines, embroidery machines, bernettes, overlock/sergers, software and accessories.

Why did we choose BERNINA you may ask? Simply put ... they are the best! Sure, that's easy enough to say but what makes them the best? It's their unmatched emphasis on quality, innovation, education, and creativity.

  • • When you invest in a BERNINA, you know that you are getting an exceptional machine that is going to sew beautifully each and every time you sit down to create.

  • • BERNINA machines are built to last. I can't tell you how many BERNINA owners we've met with machines 15, 20, 30+ years old and don't you know, they are still running like a champ!

  •  • One of the things we love best about BERNINA is their dedication to education. From one-on-one introduction to your machine & free new owner classes to continuing education through demos, clubs, and classes; Lola Pink and BERNINA have you covered. We want you to know you machine and be able to use it to its maximum capabilities.

  • • BERNINA was founded over 100 years ago and remains family-owned and operated to this day. BERNINA machines are designed and researched in Steckborn, Switzerland where they've been since the beginning. BERNINA machines are manufactured both in Switerzland and Thailand by BERNINA employees.

  •  Still wondering if BERNINA is right for you? Watch this video. We're so proud to be part of the BERNINA family!

Lola Pink | Authorized BERNINA Dealer

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Lola Pink | Authorized BERNINA Dealer