Oct 102009

Just wanted to pop on and say hello from Quilt Market in Houston.  I hate to assume, cuz you know what “they” say, so just incase you don’t know – Quilt Market is a trade show for the fabric industry.  We are NOT sewing quilts all weekend!  So please don’t ask to see my newest project.   😉   

I’ve uploaded a few pictures to twitter and just added a few on flickr too.  Tomorrow I will work on more/better pictures with my real camera – not my phone! 

YOU WILLL DIE when you feel this new fabric

 Right now I can’t stop thinking about the new Anna Maria Horner voile fabric!  It is so supple and soft.  And it’s wider than quilting cotton too.  It is going to be absolutely perfect for clothing – but in schoolhouse, Anna showed it clearly can be use for many many applications (yes, even quilting!)


Later Alligator
Over and Out
Wham Bam, thank you ma’am.

Ah man – I’m sleep deprived.

  4 Responses to “A Quickie from Quilt Market”

  1. Glad you are having a good time and getting lots of new ideas!!! Loved the blanket you made for Isac…so cuddly! :)


  2. Oh man! I can’t even image how exciting it is to be there. Just look at the wall with all that goodness upon it. I think I’d probably go into some sort of fabric-desire-shock. I’m glad you’re having a blast.. or I guess now, HAD a blast. Can’t wait to see more!


  3. wow wow wow…i love it all!!!! can’t wait to get my hands on meadowsweet and the new paula prass line!!!!


    Melanie Reply:

    It is all wonderful and all of it – every single print -will be in my store! I’m excited to get it too – and you’ll really want to check back on the blog later knowing that you love it so much….that’s all I’m saying!


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