Apr 042009

I’m actually unpacking my bags from the trip to the International Textile Expo….and that means I’m going over the fabric I ordered. (A general review is on the way…maybe tomorrow)  Oh, I got great great stuff!!!! Anyway, I thought I should bring to your attention a new section on my website.  It shows you when the products are expected in stock and allows you to pre-order items!


And the first items to go in there are Patty Young’s ModKid Patterns.  Have you seen these? Seriously adorable!!!!  They should arrive the end of next week!

I can’t decide which I’ll make first….I love them all!  You can go pre-order and I’ll get them shipped out to you as soon as they arrive!  Use the code MODKID to order now and get free shipping on these patterns!

(US orders only.  The code is only good until the patterns are in stock.  Expected Friday, March 10th or so!)

  2 Responses to “Arriving Soon”

  1. Very Cute! Have tons of fun!


  2. I just have to say your website is super cute. I did put a link for the fabrics on my blog, hope you dont mind 😉
    My fav patterns are the Modkid. Have a great week!


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