Aug 072014

We are busy adding new classes to the schedule for Fall.

Class Calendar 2014_August

Class Calendar 2014_septa

  4 Responses to “August & September 2014 Class Schedule”

  1. Please sign me up for Saturday, August 16th “New Owner-Bernina Macine” class at 12:30, AND FOR
    The September, Wednesday the 10th “Embroidery-New Owner” class.

    Thank you,
    Dee Wild


  2. Oops! At 10:30 not 12:30


  3. Please excuse typos. I am trying to sign up via my cell phone and not home. :) Thanks again!


  4. I would like to take the Saturday class with Lezette, but I understand it is full. If you have any cancellations, please contact me. 3182013721 …..I’ll be sitting here with my fingers crossed!


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