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Jun 192015

I mentioned yesterday that a walking foot was a must-have tool when sewing with knits and honestly ..  it’s just a must-have tool period.

BERNINA Walking Foot

If you happen to have a BERNINA, it’s foot #50. It’s not a cheap foot  and some experience sticker shock when we tell them the price but it is absolutely worth every penny and not just when sewing knits. If you’re quilting or working with really thick projects like one of the Sew Sweetness bags that we now have patterns for, you really must use a walking foot. What it does is help pull the fabric to the back keeping the top and bottom fabrics together. Otherwise what can happen is your bottom fabric will get pulled by the feed dogs while the top fabric slides and it can shift the layers creating pleats and puckers. Using a walking foot is like having feed dogs on the top and the bottom.

See the forky thing in the picture below (I know .. very technical vocabulary I have) .. you put that around your screw post for your needle. It will make more sense when you’re looking at your sewing machine. But anyway.. put that around the screw post and that is what moves the feed dogs of your walking foot. Also, it helps when you are putting your walking foot on your machine to put your thumb between the forky thing and the sole of the foot.

Walking Foot_Forky Thing

On a side note, if you fail to put the forky thing around the needle screw post, you end up stitching in place because your walking foot feed dogs aren’t pulling the fabric and there’s nothing pushing down on the machine’s feed dogs to feed the fabric. Now if you’re like me, you will spend the next 60 seconds wondering what in the heck is going on and why are you stitching in place?! Arg!! After about a half dozen attempts at starting your seam, you will realize what you’ve done. At this point I’d say hopefully you learn from your mistake and never be that silly again BUT … that wasn’t to be. Although it didn’t take me near as long to figure out what I had done the 2nd time around. :)

Some walking feet come with extra soles to help you perform the various tasks. The one from BERNINA has an open toe sole so that you can see exactly where you’re stitching and my favorite, an edge stitch sole that has a guide for when you are top stitching or stitching in the ditch. Seriously .. this is a foot that you need to have in your accessory box. Mom would use hers all the time regardless if she was sewing on knits or something thick. She just liked the extra boost it gave in feeding the fabric.

That’s my plug for the day .. go now and get you a Walking Foot if you don’t already have one. You can thank me later 😉 We’ve also got some great machine bundles that include the walking foot. Why not have an awesome machine and an amazing foot too? Just putting that out there …..

Happy Sewing,



Jun 182015

8 Reasons Why I Absolutely Love the BERNINA 880 Sterling Edition
(and think you should have one)


Reason #1 | Look how big this thing is! … I know, for some you may say it is way too big but I have to disagree. When it comes to sewing machines, bigger is definitely better (unless you’re needing something to take to classes but that is an issue for another post :) ). Otherwise size does matter! If you’ve ever tried to quilt something larger than a crib size, you know what I’m talking about. The more space you have to maneuver between the needle an the throat of the sewing machine the better. And that’s just on the quilting side. Like to have embroidered pillows but don’t want to go through the fuss of multi-hooping? We’re talking over 15″ x 10″ big! Why not marry the two and try quilting in the hoop? Oh yeah .. it can be done and done with ease.

Reason #2 | Did someone say Jumbo Bobbin? … Yep, not your average ordinary bobbin. Oh no .. not for this machine. We’re talking 80% more thread than a regular BERNINA bobbin. I know, I know .. you LOVE to stop often and wind new bobbins << said no one ever! Running out of bobbin thread is inevitable but at least you’re not having to do it nearly as often with the jumbo bobbins.

Reason #3 | BERNINA Dual-Feed … I love you, dual-feed! It’s like having a mini walking foot permanently attached to my machine. I pull you down, snap you into the back of my presser foot, and off we go .. evenly pulling my fabric to the back with such ease. Don’t get me wrong .. I LOVE my big walking foot .. but there’s no zipper sole or straight stitch sole for the walking foot and you won’t believe how handy it is to have those feet with a little bit of extra pull especially when working with thick projects.


Reason #4 | The Perks … You can definitely jump down a series and go with a BERNINA 790, 770, or 740 and still get the jumbo bobbin and dual-feed but you’d miss out on the little perks that you grow very accustomed to very quickly. I’m talking about a FULLY automatic needle threader. Thread the machine, push a button, and the machine threads the needle for you just like that. So easy! No more turning your handwheel to make sure your needle is in the far top position. No more looping it around the threader finger and hoping it goes through the eye of the needle. You push a button and that’s it .. done! Another perk I love .. the multi-spool holder. Three spools of thread right there where I need them. I know .. you can add the big BERNINA multi-spool holder to other models and hold more thread. This is true .. but unless I’m doing a complex embroidery .. 3 spools is awesome and I don’t need the extra accessory hanging out on the back of my machine.

Reason #5 | Shape Designer … Typically a feature you would find only in embroidery software, the shape designer lets you take any embroidery file and spin it, turn it, multiply it, and turn it into something new. Make your own wreaths to go around monograms. Create whole new designs without having to get up from your sewing machine. This is one of those features that just makes the machine fun. Even if I don’t feel like working on a project, I will still sit in front of the machine and just play. You never know what may inspire you to grab that jumbo hoop and get embroidering!


Reason #6 | Stitch Designer … You can get as creative as you want with this machine .. seriously! I can start with a blank slate or an existing stitch and design whatever stitch I want. Poof .. new stitch just like that. Why .. because I can. Maybe I like the existing stitches but just wish it was slightly different or longer or funkier .. I can change that .. all on my machine.


Reason #7 | The Bonuses … You can absolutely get all of these features mentioned above without going all in with the Sterling Edition but it comes loaded with bonuses that take the machine to a whole new level. Yes, you can buy them separately for other machines including the 580 but you have to buy them .. with the Sterling Edition they come standard. We’re talking PaintWorks, CrystalWorks, PunchWorks .. all the “works”. Again .. the sky is the limit for how creative you can get with this machine. We’ve had so much fun using the PaintWorks and CrystalWorks tools. You can paint on fabric with your machine! What?! How cool is that! I am a terrible artist but give me the PaintWorks tool and a design and I can paint beautifully on fabric. :)

Reason #8 | Because you deserve it … This is the reason that trips some up. They love the machine but don’t think they deserve it. It’s just too much machine. I haven’t been sewing that long. I’m too old. I’m too young. It’s too complicated (which it’s not). My husband would kill me for spending that much (but at the same time he won’t hesitate to buy that new boat, new gun, new rod). No this is not a cheap machine .. there, I said it .. but it’s not ridiculous either (especially they way we have it priced).  This is the machine that blows wide open the doors on your sewing creativity. You can sew what you want, when you want, and not have to think twice about your machine. We have seasoned sewers with the 880, young moms who just learned to sew, working professionals who sew when they can, stay at home grandma’s who keep the kids during the week, young women, not as young women, the demographic is so varied when it comes to 880 owners which is awesome! This is not too much machine for you. You will love the perks, love the bonuses, and know that you have a dealer who is going to show you how to use the machine to its fullest. There are classes and starting later this year .. 880 only classes.


So why now? Why the push for the 880 Sterling Edition .. because I know you will love it! Oh … and we just so happen to have our 880SE at a steal of a price. You can absolutely buy one new or you can purchase our demo model that we’ve been showing off in the shop. Now before you go .. ewww .. I don’t want a used machine! Yes it’s been used but it’s been used by us .. which means it’s been used correctly and been well maintained. It’s been clean, oil, and serviced and it runs like a dream! And it just so happens to come with a FULL warranty the same as a brand new machine BUT at a reduced cost because it’s “used”. The only drawback .. we only have one demo model and once it’s sold, it’s gone. We won’t be getting another Sterling Edition for a floor model. Sad but true .. we will miss her beauty when she goes to her forever home.

You want it but you can’t plop down all that cash right now. No worries .. there’s financing and not just our every day 48-months variety either. We can do 48-months interest-free any day but need payments just a bit less than that and don’t mind a little bit of interest as long as it is just a little bit? How about 60 months or even 72 months at 3.99% .. y’all think about your standard credit card interest. We’re talking WAY less. To break it down .. let’s just say hypothetically the machine costs $13,000 .. I’m not saying it does but then again I can’t really say on here what it does … but let’s just go with $13,000. We’re talking payments around $200 even with the interest factored in. Doable and you can always pay it off early without penalty.

I’ve been sewing on an 880 at home since Christmas and y’all … I don’t know what I’d do without it. So much fun. So easy to use. So many perks! You deserve it .. you really do!

Come try it out and find out for yourself just how amazing (and easy to use) this machine really is. You will love it .. or at least that’s what everyone who has one says.

Happy Sewing,


Jun 182015

Do you ever see a pattern and know exactly what you want to do with it? That was definitely me yesterday. We finally got in the new Bonnie Blue Charlotte pattern. It says on the front cover that it is great for knits and immediately I knew exactly which fabrics I wanted to use and for whatever reason, decided I needed to make it right then. All other work got pushed to the side and I made a knit dress yesterday. I love when that happens!

These are the fabrics I chose .. Patty Young Knits from Riley Blake.

Bonnie Blue Charlotte

Because I was anxious to get going with the dress, I did not take time to wash the fabrics first. If you are not used to sewing with knits, this is a step I would not normally skip. We all know knits shrink and if you are making something that is going to be worn, you want to go ahead and preshrink the fabric before you cut it out and sew. Trust me .. you don’t want to skip this step or else you risk ending up with a wonky dress the first time you launder it.

I chose to make View 2 with the contrast band but with short sleeves instead of long. The dress turned out really cute and was super easy to make .. although I did deviate from the instructions which I’ll discuss.

Bonnie Blue Charlotte_PY Knit

So I mentioned that I deviated from the pattern a bit and I’ll make even more changes when I make this dress again (and yes, I will make it many more times). The way she does the contrast border is to have you cut a border and a border lining  … 4 pieces in total. You sew the border together and attach it to the dress. You then sew the border lining together and fold down one edge by 3/8″. Next you attach the border lining to the border and finally, hand stitch the border lining to the dress. First of all .. way too many steps to add a border. Secondly .. I don’t like handwork especially when there are other ways to do it that don’t involve time spent with a needle and thread. Here’s a picture showing the inside of the finished border.


You’ll notice that I did NOT hand sew anything although I did follow the instructions regarding the border and border lining. Rather than take the time to hand stitch the border lining, I took it to the serger and just attached the border lining to the border with an overcast stitch … WAY faster and it looks finished too. The next time I make this dress I will double the border width minus 3/4″ for the seam allowance. I would then sew up my side seams, press the seams open, fold the border in half, and attach it to the bottom of the dress .. and done! Way less steps and so much faster. I’m sure she probably has a very good reason for all the extra steps but I don’t have time for that.


Tips for Sewing With Knits

Loved making this dress and I really like working with knits. Knits really aren’t as scary as you might think as long as you have the right tools .. walking foot, ball point needle, starch and a hot dry iron.

The walking foot helps to pull the fabric through the machine evenly and without stretching the knit. Without a walking foot, the fabric can end up with a wavy, lettuce edge look. Cute if you are using it as a decorative trim .. not so cute on a side seam. Ball point needles have a rounded tip which goes around the fibers in the fabric instead of slicing through them. A sharp needle would make small holes in the fabric that would get bigger as the fabric stretches. One of the biggest frustrations when working with knits is that the edges like to roll on themselves when you are trying to pin them and sew; this is where the starch and hot, dry iron come in. Lightly spray the fabric edge with the starch and place the iron on the edge … pressing and not ironing. Do this as many times as it takes to get that edge into submission. Trust me .. it works and makes all the difference!

Hope you like it and maybe picked up a few tips on sewing with knits. They really aren’t all that scary if you are using the right tools. We’ll be having some classes on the schedule soon .. maybe even one for this dress.

Let me know if you have any questions on the pattern, the fabrics, sewing with knits, whatever.

Happy Sewing!



Jun 112015

At Lola Pink, we love us some seersucker! Nothing says classic, southern apparel than a great seersucker outfit. Here’s a perfect example .. Children’s Corner Charlotte made using the coral check seersucker. Simple, classic, beautiful .. oh, and easy to make too!


We added the white ric-rac for a fun, decorative touch. I think it turned out really cute. The dress/top is fully lined which makes putting this together super easy. Want to make one just like this? We made a Seersucker Charlotte kit and there’s a discount too. Charlotte

I know some will look at this and go “cute .. but look at all those buttons!” .. if you fall into this category, PLEASE come by the shop and let me show you how easy making buttonholes AND sewing the buttons on can be with the right machine. And I’m not talking a super fancy, super expensive model either .. with 12-month financing, I can get you loving buttonholes for around $100/month plus you’ll get the added benefit of beautiful stitches and a motor strong enough to sew through the thickest of fabrics. Score!

So let’s all agree that buttonholes are our friend and kick #summersewing off with some beautiful classic seersucker. Can’t wait to see what you make! <<on a side note | go to Facebook and search for Lola Pink Sewcial .. it’s our group page where everyone can share all their pretty projects >>


All Seersucker 25% off
Thursday, June 11th only

Mar 022015

As some of you may have heard, BERNINA will be debuting all new 7-series models – 790E, 770QE, and the 740 very soon. While they will come with some great new features, the original 7-series machines are still feature packed and are now a hot commodity at super low prices! The 710’s and 750QE’s are already sold out at BERNINA and I imagine the 780’s won’t be around for long.


If you had your eye on the 750QE, we have 1 left in stock … that’s it! Once it is sold .. its gone. This is a brand new machine that we were going to use as our floor model. Some of its many features include:

  • BERNINA Stitch Regulator comes standard
  • 10″ from the needle to the throat of machine – can accommodate large quilts easily
  • Jumbo bobbin – holds 80% more thread than a regular bobbin
  • Dual feed – provides extra help to pull the fabrics evenly
  • 837 stitches – tons of decorative and quilting stitches
  • can be upgraded to include embroidery

MSRP was $5,799 .. you’ll need to come stop by the shop to see our new low price. For the price, this is a fantastic deal that won’t be around for long. The first person who comes by or calls will be the lucky winner! The new models will be great as well but MSRP will be higher too. Now’s your chance to take advantage of the super low prices while still getting a fantastic machine!


As you recall, I said at the beginning that this model was being replaced by newer models which can cause some concern for people. To ease your mind, here are some of the questions we’ve seen:

  • Will there still be support for the older 7-series models? Absolutely! They’ve gone in a tweaked a few features mainly on the interface side. All of the parts for this machine will still be available for years to come.
  • Will you still get classes for the older 7-series models? Absolutely! The support materials are still available and we will continue to teach on these models.
  • Does the warranty still apply? Absolutely! The older 7-series models will still come with the full BERNINA warranty.

If you have any other questions about this series or the new models, please come stop by the shop. We’d be happy to discuss these great machines and what’s new for the newer models.


Feb 262015

Oh yeah, this amazing machine is coming soon to Lola Pink! Have you pre-ordered yours yet?

Tula Pink Ad

We are currently taking pre-orders on this machine. The first 6 machines sold will be bundled with an Tula’s Aurifil thread pack (the full-size spools!) and her 100 Modern Blocks City Sampler book. This awesome bundle is valued at $160!

What’s so great about the 350 Special Edition as opposed to the regular 350PE? The stunning faceplate for one but apart from that you get full-shank feet rather than one shank and snap on soles. You also get the #29C quilting foot which allows you to do free-motion quilting on your new machine. Great features that really up the value from your standard 350PE with no increase in price!

These machines will only be available for a very short time. Our bundle offer will last for an even shorter amount of time. Guaranteed these machines are going to sell out and sell out quick. They will be collector’s items soon so make sure you get yours today!

Feb 252015

Gossamer is such a gorgeous, sweet collection from Art Gallery Fabrics.

Gossamer by Sharon Holland

These fabrics make me think of spring and considering how cold it is out today, I need a little spring dreaming! How cute would these fabrics be with the following patterns?


Frannie Baby by Children’s Corner is super sweet and the soft yellow floral print from Gossamer would be perfect.


Adelaide is another great pattern that would look so pretty with these fabrics. A white trimmed collar and dark taupe monogram would finish it off nicely.


And not to forget the babies in the family, the small floral print would make a beautiful layette especially with the pink for some little pants.

Really any of our sweet dresses would look amazing with these fabrics and of course being Art Gallery fabrics, you know they will feel amazing.