Dec 032008

We have a room upstairs I call the loft.  It is supposed to be the fun room for reading, playing games, watching movies, etc. etc. etc.  And that is why the Gum Drop pillow was the perfect choice for the loft!    I plan to make one for each of the kids.  They hardly utilize real furniture anyway.  :-)

Honestly, I was terrified of the pattern – although I’m not exactly sure why.  BUT it turned out to be SO easy!  Really – I’m not joking! Haley likes the pink fabric.  It’s from Joel Dewberry’s Ginseng line.  Actually the boys like it too – I need to get 2 more made pronto to minimize fighting.  😉

It just so happens that patterns and home decor fabric are on sale on my website too.  Well isn’t that lucky for you?!?!?

  2 Responses to “Big Pillows”

  1. So what is the big pillow stuffed with? It looks pretty solid…
    Great addition to the loft.
    Love to all,


  2. THis is pretty cool. I hope the next ones are blue and green or something more manly! :)


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