Jun 202009

In Pittsburgh I had set appointments with my regular companies weeks in advance. My first appointment was at 10 am on Friday morning. I was late. Thankfully I wasn’t too late – so my Timeless Treasures rep was still able to meet with me.   :-)

Timeless Treasures has an adorable line out called Apple.  It is filled with goodness….yummy yummy retro goodness. Cute little owls, yummy apples, trees, swirls, flowers and leaves.

Apple Combo


The fabric is cute enough on it’s own – but then they had it displayed using the most adorable pattern, Birdie Big Blocks.  Instantly I knew that I had to get this quilt pattern! And I knew I needed to make it available as a kit for you!  I think it can work with so many fabrics out there!  And of course, it’s available as yardage in my store as well.  :-)

birdie quilt

I also thought this would be adorable in the new Just Dreamy fabric….and boy was I right! I will share that with you tomorrow – now I need to go spend some quality time with my family – Hope your weekend is going great!

  5 Responses to “Birds Birds Everywhere”

  1. That is such cute fabric!! The cream background with flowers would make a cute little girl dress.

  2. Hey – that could have been the name of MY line. He he.

    I guess I won’t be mad, though because those trees are just so cute!

  3. oh, I keep coming back to look at these. I can’t wait for it to come!! :) :) :)

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