Sep 042009

Wanted to pop in and share with you a few little birthday gifts!

Exhibit A:  Birthday Tote

Gift Bag

This sweet little bag is filled with a few goodies from the dollar section at Target. I hope she’ll like the personalized bag.  I know my kids like to tote stuff around.  :-)

The fabric for the bag is from Lily Pond.   It’s adorable – and I love that it’s girly without being just pink.   I lined the inside and made the applique letter with the pink and green swirl fabric and added the stripe across the top.  Oh the stripe!  That’s a fun print and I can see so many uses for it.  Here is the picture of just the striped fabric:

You can see that I used the flower stripe on the bag. And this is what I used the frog/turtle stripe for….

Exhibit B: Hooded Towel

Hooded Towel

That’s right – I’m at it again with the hooded towels. Everyone loves loves loves them! (I do too) Very adorable, yes? I think so! I can also see this being used on hand towels, the egde of a quilt and more. It’s a great print – if you ask me!

  5 Responses to “Birthdays are awesome”

  1. They’d be crazy not to love it! That is very versatile fabric. Very recession friendly!! Come check out my giveaway!


    Melanie Reply:

    Thanks for the heads up. your designs are very fun! :-)


  2. hey — when is my birthday? :)


  3. You can never have too many bags! Love that striped fabric!


  4. One Shoe!! I love it! That sounds like something my kids would do.

    Love your bag too.


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