Sep 152010

I’m really excited to share Marie‘s pattern review with you!  She recently made the Scientific Seamstress’ Boxy Bags pattern.  I love how it turned out!


I recently had the opportunity to go out of my comfort zone and dive into something a little different than the girls clothing and pillows that I’m used to making. First of all, I am a huge fan of Carla C.’s patterns. She writes THE BEST, most thorough and easy to understand PDF patterns out there. Her well illustrated diagrams and step by step instructions makes it hard to mess up. :-)

With that being said, the sewing is fairly simple for the construction of this bag, but there are a lot of pieces to cut out… over 50! The best tip: mark each piece w/ a fabric marker exactly like she outlines it in the pattern, that way when it comes time to bringing those cut pieces to the machine, you won’t be lost as to which one is which.

There are 3 sizes included in the pattern. I opted to make the large bag because I already knew I wanted a new bag for my camera. I also did the optional exterior and interior pockets and the optional dividers that are removable as well.  All these little details really make for a great camera bag!

I was hesitant with using foam sheets because I have never incorporated that into my sewing before, but it turned out to be necessary to give the bag a nice cushion (especially for my camera) and durability. I ended up finding the sheets at Joann’s in the kids craft section and they cost me $1.49 each.

Although this pattern was well written, I would not recommend it for those who are brand new to sewing, but if you’ve made a few things before and know your way around the the sewing machine, then you’ll have no problem tackling this project. Compared to custom made camera bags that can cost you over $100, this was well worth it to me!


Thanks, Marie!  I’m seriously trying to figure out how I can talk you into sending me your new bag. ;-)   Only jokin’!  But it turned out so great!  I am inspired to pick out a few of my favorite prints to make this myself!  And I agree, Carla has awesome patterns!

You can find all of the Scientific Seamstress patterns here!

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  1. 1. I love this bag, and she did a fabulous job. it looks professionally made!
    2. 50 pieces is a LOT for one pattern. I think i would give up just after cutting out the pattern pieces.

  2. What a great bag! So pretty!

  3. daaaang marie! it looks awesome!!

  4. LOVE IT, now how do I get her to make me one???

  5. I LOVE that bag!!!!!!

  6. Pretty bag! I’ve been wanting to make a camera bag – I may have to try this pattern out. Great review, too!

  7. Great job Marie! I may have to give this one a try!

  8. Is this pattern no longer available? Thanks

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