Aug 262010

A goal this past year has been to make more things for myself, and I’ve done a marvelous job, if I say so myself. :-)  Having been sick recently (I’m getting my daily calories via throat lozenges…the coughing is way down but it still hurts to swallow), I wanted to take time last weekend to sew something for myself.

What to make?  What to make?  Don’t you think deciding what to make is sometimes the hardest part?  This was kinda my process:

  • It’s too hot.
  • It’s so humid
  • It’s nearing fall
  • Fall doesn’t really exist in Tucson
  • I should make a summer shirt
  • *AHA* the Cabo Halter from Amy Butler
  • But I want to kinda look fall-ish…even if it’s summery
  • I love Origins by Basic Grey

So that is how I settled on the Cabo Halter in Aromatherapy (Brown Sugar).

I used the last pattern I had in stock (Pure genius when it comes to marketing…let me tell ya!)  But I do have the beautiful fabric in stock. 😉  And for those of you that don’t live in an oven…you could make a real fall shirt!  Plus, I do think that if you had the right shirt underneath, this would look super cute layered.

Here’s a quick review of the pattern:

Yep, I would make this pattern again!

It was a quick one day project.  The bodice is fully lined which makes for such a great finished product.  I did top stitch the bodice, because it just gives it a more finished look plus it helps the garment maintain it’s shape after you wash it!  The zipper is the only part that may be a challenge – but fear not!  The instructions are clear and don’t leave you guessing!  Don’t let a zipper scare you off!

This top is a bit more revealing and lower cut than what I imagined, so I will definitely have to wear the cami underneath for peace of mind.  The nice thing about the design, however, is that it’s not restricting at all, so it’s perfect for quilting cotton…which isn’t always the case when it comes to women’s tops. :-)

Now here is a “I’m such a squinty dork” picture for you all to enjoy!

Have you added your photos to the flickr group?  I’ll see you tomorrow with August’s last Flickr Friday…and then we’ll vote next week for the $25 gift certificate winner!

  9 Responses to “Cabo Halter – Origins”

  1. It looks so great on you! Very flattering and the cami is a nice touch.


  2. Oh, you did a great job and it fits you perfectly. The topstitching was really smart, I never think of stuff like that. I love my Cabo Halter too. To compensate for the gap at the neckline (probably just because of my flat chest, not the pattern) I angled the two triangles toward eachother a smidge and shaped up the side seam so it would still match once sewn together. It made all the difference! And I agree – this is one of the very few women’s tops that looks fantastic in quilting cotton. It gives it the structure it needs.


  3. Very cute halter! I love the length. I’m still not confident enough to broaden my sewing into garments. You did a great job. Love your shop!


  4. Two words: LOVE IT!!!


  5. LOVE that shirt. I wish I could wear stuff like that :)

    And good job on the comments :)


  6. So cute and perfect on you!


  7. Nice! We’re in the 40’s at night and still chilly when I get up and go to school so it is a stretch for me to wear capris. :)


  8. Very cute top! Good Job!!


  9. Very cute and good for you making more things for yourself!


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