Jun 182015

Do you ever see a pattern and know exactly what you want to do with it? That was definitely me yesterday. We finally got in the new Bonnie Blue Charlotte pattern. It says on the front cover that it is great for knits and immediately I knew exactly which fabrics I wanted to use and for whatever reason, decided I needed to make it right then. All other work got pushed to the side and I made a knit dress yesterday. I love when that happens!

These are the fabrics I chose .. Patty Young Knits from Riley Blake.

Bonnie Blue Charlotte

Because I was anxious to get going with the dress, I did not take time to wash the fabrics first. If you are not used to sewing with knits, this is a step I would not normally skip. We all know knits shrink and if you are making something that is going to be worn, you want to go ahead and preshrink the fabric before you cut it out and sew. Trust me .. you don’t want to skip this step or else you risk ending up with a wonky dress the first time you launder it.

I chose to make View 2 with the contrast band but with short sleeves instead of long. The dress turned out really cute and was super easy to make .. although I did deviate from the instructions which I’ll discuss.

Bonnie Blue Charlotte_PY Knit

So I mentioned that I deviated from the pattern a bit and I’ll make even more changes when I make this dress again (and yes, I will make it many more times). The way she does the contrast border is to have you cut a border and a border lining  … 4 pieces in total. You sew the border together and attach it to the dress. You then sew the border lining together and fold down one edge by 3/8″. Next you attach the border lining to the border and finally, hand stitch the border lining to the dress. First of all .. way too many steps to add a border. Secondly .. I don’t like handwork especially when there are other ways to do it that don’t involve time spent with a needle and thread. Here’s a picture showing the inside of the finished border.


You’ll notice that I did NOT hand sew anything although I did follow the instructions regarding the border and border lining. Rather than take the time to hand stitch the border lining, I took it to the serger and just attached the border lining to the border with an overcast stitch … WAY faster and it looks finished too. The next time I make this dress I will double the border width minus 3/4″ for the seam allowance. I would then sew up my side seams, press the seams open, fold the border in half, and attach it to the bottom of the dress .. and done! Way less steps and so much faster. I’m sure she probably has a very good reason for all the extra steps but I don’t have time for that.


Tips for Sewing With Knits

Loved making this dress and I really like working with knits. Knits really aren’t as scary as you might think as long as you have the right tools .. walking foot, ball point needle, starch and a hot dry iron.

The walking foot helps to pull the fabric through the machine evenly and without stretching the knit. Without a walking foot, the fabric can end up with a wavy, lettuce edge look. Cute if you are using it as a decorative trim .. not so cute on a side seam. Ball point needles have a rounded tip which goes around the fibers in the fabric instead of slicing through them. A sharp needle would make small holes in the fabric that would get bigger as the fabric stretches. One of the biggest frustrations when working with knits is that the edges like to roll on themselves when you are trying to pin them and sew; this is where the starch and hot, dry iron come in. Lightly spray the fabric edge with the starch and place the iron on the edge … pressing and not ironing. Do this as many times as it takes to get that edge into submission. Trust me .. it works and makes all the difference!

Hope you like it and maybe picked up a few tips on sewing with knits. They really aren’t all that scary if you are using the right tools. We’ll be having some classes on the schedule soon .. maybe even one for this dress.

Let me know if you have any questions on the pattern, the fabrics, sewing with knits, whatever.

Happy Sewing!



Jun 112015

At Lola Pink, we love us some seersucker! Nothing says classic, southern apparel than a great seersucker outfit. Here’s a perfect example .. Children’s Corner Charlotte made using the coral check seersucker. Simple, classic, beautiful .. oh, and easy to make too!


We added the white ric-rac for a fun, decorative touch. I think it turned out really cute. The dress/top is fully lined which makes putting this together super easy. Want to make one just like this? We made a Seersucker Charlotte kit and there’s a discount too. Charlotte

I know some will look at this and go “cute .. but look at all those buttons!” .. if you fall into this category, PLEASE come by the shop and let me show you how easy making buttonholes AND sewing the buttons on can be with the right machine. And I’m not talking a super fancy, super expensive model either .. with 12-month financing, I can get you loving buttonholes for around $100/month plus you’ll get the added benefit of beautiful stitches and a motor strong enough to sew through the thickest of fabrics. Score!

So let’s all agree that buttonholes are our friend and kick #summersewing off with some beautiful classic seersucker. Can’t wait to see what you make! <<on a side note | go to Facebook and search for Lola Pink Sewcial .. it’s our group page where everyone can share all their pretty projects >>


All Seersucker 25% off
Thursday, June 11th only

Mar 142014


Yesterday we posted about the Spring 2014 Oliver + S pattern releases which featured a beautiful, frilly dress, the Garden Party Dress. I loved the pattern at first glance but then fell more in love with it when I saw that the ladies of Probably Actually and Skirt as Top did with it.

Oliver + S Garden Party from Probably Actually

from Probably Actually

Oliver + S Garden Party Dress from Skirt As Top

from Skirt as Top

I love the bold prints paired with the solids .. especially the coral solid. I want to drop all the projects I have going on right now and make this dress!

Both used the Meadow fabrics from Art Gallery. While I absolutely LOVE the prints we got, I wish we had gotten these two prints as well. If we can pre-sell enough of the fabric, I’ll do everything I can to get it in stock. Let me know if you’re interested!

Mar 062014


This dress is one of my favorites. The pattern is Lizzy by Bonnie Blue and the fabrics are from the Cloud 9 Fabrics Tsuru collection.

Lizzy by Bonnie Blue with Tsuru Fabrics | Lola Pink Fabrics

The pattern itself was really easy to follow (as are most of the Bonnie Blue patterns). I chose the jumper option and went with a coordinating Kona Solid for the bodice. I did go ahead and add a lining to the skirt. I just have this thing where I just can’t NOT line fabrics that are mostly white. I’m sure it would have worked well without the lining but adding it really didn’t take that much longer. This is a pattern I would definitely make again and would recommend to others.


Lizzy by Bonnie Blue | Lola Pink Fabrics

Apparently, I didn’t get a picture of the back of the dress. It just a simple button-down back. There are 8 buttons down the back of the size 3. Before you swear off the pattern because you hate making buttonholes and sewing on the buttons (I know how you feel .. I used to say the same thing), you’ve really got to come into the shop and let me show you how easy buttons can be with the BERNINAs. Automatic buttonholes come on every BERNINA machine starting with the compact 3-series and when combined with the #18 button sew-on foot .. buttons are a breeze. I’m not even kidding.

Let’s take a minute and honor the fabric shall we … I die over this fabric. I don’t know why but this is just one of those pieces that speaks directly to me. The colors, the nautical/80’s – ish pattern, the white background .. I love everything about this fabric. I have been trying to come up with something that I could make from it. My first thought was a bag but I’m not so easy on my bags and a white background .. ummm, not going to happen. So then I started thinking dress but I am extremely pale and white dresses just make me feel so self-conscience. And then we have the whole lining issue again. I wasn’t sure if I would ever find the perfect project or not before we ran out but inspiration finally hit … the Anna Tunic from Amy Butler but in the mini dress length. Perfect! It’s a great length for wearing over jeans (no blindingly white legs) and it’s lined (yay!) …

Anna MadnessThe Anna Tunic was one of the first things I ever sewed and it was such a great pattern. I’ve got it all cut out and ready to go. I just have one project in the works that I’m trying to get done first but then it’s on!

Sep 122013

No lie … this may be the absolute cutest dress I have ever made. I just love it!

Oliver + S Croquet Dress made by Jen @ Lola Pink Fabrics

The style of the Oliver + S Croquet Dress is perfect for these Joel Dewberry prints.

Oliver + S Croquet Dress at Lola Pink Fabrics

I just love the Oliver + S patterns. They are so easy to follow and well written. The finishing details they put into the patterns elevates my sewing level considerably. I always feel a great sense of accomplishment after completing one  of their patterns. If you’ve been intimidated by their patterns in the past, you must come in and let us help find a good one for you to start with. They’ve got several that are geared more towards beginners.

We’ve got the entire collection of Oliver + S patterns available anytime as PDF downloads including their retired patterns you can’t find in paper form anymore. We also have a good selection of their paper patterns in the shop too :)

I’m working on the their Roller Skate Dress now using the new Violet Fields, Waterfront Park fabrics. Stay tuned … this one is turning out super cute too!

Happy Sewing,


May 132013

Coasters Collage

I absolutely adore my new coasters! The embroideries are from the To The Letter design CD from BERNINA. The detail of each letter and the hand-look of the stitches is phenomenal. We’ve made several projects with this particular design package. It’s definitely a shop favorite right now.

Coasters Tsuru

The fabric I used for the back is from the Tsuru collection by Rashida Coleman-Hale. This fabric collection ranks right up there with Kate Spain’s Fandango as one of my all-time favorites. So far I’ve used them for my coasters, made a Washi Dress (photos coming soon), and have some fabric cut for either a Wiksten Tank or other dress … and that’s just a start!

We have the fabric in stock now if you’d like to pick some up for you (before I take it all home with me). If you’d like us to reserve one of the To The Letter CDs for you, just let us know. We’ve been selling out of them and always have more on order. If you’re not local to SW Louisiana, you can pick up a copy of the CD at your local BERNINA dealer.

Happy Sewing,