Feb 112013

I gotta admit … I’m a bit jealous of people who have the eye for repurposing items and making them fabulous. I just don’t have it. For example, how cute is this dress that Melanie made using one of her old skirts?!

Melanie Dramatic Repurposed Skirt

Remove waistband, add some shirring and some ribbon for straps and voila … you have a super cute dress that any little girl would love.  So cute and so easy!!

But this brings up something else that I have been too chicken to try … shirring!! The concept seems easy enough and is according to Melanie but I don’t know … Maybe it’s time to fish the elastic thread out of the back of the drawer and give it a go. This tutorial from Pink Fig made it seem not as terrifying! Shirring has officially been added to my list of techniques I must try before the year is up … unless I chicken out 😉

Would love to see some of your repurposed goods to get me inspired. I figure the more I see, the easier it might become for me to start seeing things in a new way. Post your links below to share.

Happy Sewing!


Jul 182012

It’s Kona week here at Lola Pink Fabrics and we’ve got 2 great dresses to show you. Both are made by one of our super, sweet customers. She’s been sewing for years and years  and absolutely raves about the Kona cotton solids.

I just love how you can take something as plain as a piece of solid fabric and turn it into something so pretty!Kona Dress - Lola Pink FabricsSo why does she love Konas so much? She loves how bold and saturated the colors are. She also loves the weight of the material saying that pleats hold their shape making Konas a dream to smock with. Kona Dress - Lola Pink Fabrics

I wish I had a fraction of this woman’s talent and skill. I keep hoping that if she comes in to the shop often enough maybe some of her skill will brush off onto me 😀

Jun 212012

So yesterday, I proudly showed off my first Wiksten Tank. Today I give you my first Wiksten Tova …

Wiksten Tova Made By Lola Pink Jen #lolapinkI love this pattern. The instructions were so easy to follow and everything worked the way it was supposed to. My go to tunic pattern has been the Schoolhouse Tunic for ease and style. The Tova though has that little something extra that takes it from looking homemade to something special. I’ll revise the post when I can get a good shot of me wearing the Tova. It goes perfectly with a pair of jeans or shorts.

And don’t even get me started on the Daisy Janie fabric … seriously, hands-down some of the best fabric I’ve worked with when making clothes. It sews beautifully and gets so super soft after washing. My love for Tilly deserves a blog post all of its own. So far I’ve made 3 items and will hopefully get a chance to snag some more before it’s gone. (We’re down to only a few prints remaining! – and it happens to be on sale!)

Be sure and check out the Wiksten Flickr Pool so many great Wikstens sure to inspire! These were definitely my first Wikstens … I have plans for many, many more!

Jun 202012

I love the Wiksten sewing patterns.

I first saw the Wiksten Tova tunic popping up on Pinterest about 6 months ago and at the time couldn’t justify spending $30 for a pattern ~ so worth every dime! It wasn’t long after I got my pattern in that the Tank starting popping up and of course I had to get that pattern too. Only this time, I noticed that they sell them as PDF downloads and for much cheaper … nice!

Wiksten Sewing Patterns

I ended up making the tank first since I figured I could knock it out pretty quick. You have to print out quite a few pages from the PDF and piece together the pattern. Looked a bit daunting but it actually went together well. Very clear instructions!

Wiksten Tank made by Lola Pink Jen #lolapink

I made it with the Fig Tree Quilts Spouts in Ocean fabric from their California Girl collection and absolutely LOVE how it turned out. When I find the time, I want to make about a dozen more. So easy and so cute .. my idea of a perfect pattern!

Want to see more tanks? I searched Pinterest and found quite a few versions.

Check back tomorrow and I’ll show off my Tova. I love it just as much and just so happen to be wearing it today 😀



Mar 012012

Did any of y’all have an Easy Bake Oven growing up? I absolutely LOVED mine. I was making cakes all the time even making them for neighbors on their birthdays. And although they weren’t the best cakes ever, I was so proud of them! The Easy Bake got me started and my love for baking grew from there.

It’s so fitting that the first quilt I ever made and finished was the Easy Bake by Cluck Cluck Sew.

Easy Bake Quilt

This quilt, quite honestly, could not have been easier. One – you can use a layer cake which means half the work is already done for you.

For those who don’t know, a layer cake is 10″ by 10″ squares of fabric from an entire collection. You usually get a couple of squares of each fabric in the collection. We have several in the shop now under Precuts & Fat Quarters. They really do make things a whole lot easier when making a quilt.

And two – you can stack up several layer cake squares and cut them all out once, yes! I’m all about saving time and getting to the sewing!

The most time-consuming part for me was trying to figure out which fabrics to use for the individual blocks. For this one, I kept most of the red, purple, and green fabrics in one block set and the blues in another. Then it was just a matter of spacing the blues throughout the quilt so they didn’t get bunched up.

For the back, I used Kona Solid in White and a charm pack from the same collection.  A charm pack is the same as a layer cake only it’s 5″ square rather than 10″ squares.

Easy Bake Quilt Back

I kept the quilting pretty simple. I just lined the edge of my presser foot up against a seam and sewed a straight line on either side of the seam. Anywhere there was a seam, I sewed my straight lines.

Easy Bake Quilting

Although the quilting was pretty easy, I love how it looks on the back.

Easy Bake Quilt Back

Truth be told, I have yet to actually stray from straight-line quilting yet but I’m working up the nerve.

I’ve got one more finished project to share, a rag quilt that turned out pretty cute and some strip quilts that are just about finished.  Other than that, I’m still chugging along on my Swoon quilt for the Swoon-Along although I’ve run out of Kona Snow and it won’t be back in stock until next week – boo! And I cut some fabric for my third Schoolhouse Tunic .. yep, I said third! My love for the Schoolhouse will need a blog post of its very own.

I would love to know what y’all are working on and whether or not I’m the only one with project-ADD? I mean seriously .. it’d be great if I could just focus on one project at a time but that’s just not happening!

xo, Jen


Feb 182012

It feels so good to actually be back to finishing some projects around here! With Christmas and the whole website thing, projects had to take a back seat. We had so many that just needed finishing touches, some that were started but still needed lots of work, and some we’ve been dying to do but didn’t have time. So now we’re back to sewing and having such a great time.

I love this quilt using the Tilly fabrics by Daisy Janie. Jan offered up this pattern free on her blog and we jumped on it. This quilt went together so easy and only requires 8 fat quarters to make the entire top! This is definitely a quilt top you can knock out in a day.

I love how it graduates from light to dark.

Daisy Janie Tilly Garden Ladder Quilt by Lola Pink Fabrics

We kept the back pretty simple for this one. We used the Houndstooth Eggshell from Free Spirit. Such great micro-houndstooth prints. For the binding we used chose Flourish and it just ties it all in.

Daisy Janie Tilly Garden Ladder Quilt by Lola Pink Fabrics

 I love projects that go together easy and can be knocked out in a weekend … instant gratification!  You can find the pattern on Jan’s blog here. If you’re not following her blog already, you really should. Jan’s always coming up with some great tutorials and projects.

Want to make a Garden Ladder quilt of your very own? We’ve kitted it up with the fat quarters and binding fabric and discounted it 10%.

It’s a rainy, nasty day around here so I’m hoping to get my Swoon on and start knocking out some blocks. I finally had a chance last night to cut some more but I’m afraid I’m going to run out of Kona Snow before I can finish. Hmmm … might have to switch up before it’s too late.

xo, Jen & Janet