Aug 242010

When I saw the work of designer Kate Spain, I knew she was on my short list of designers I had to carry! And then how could I pass up anything that had to do with Spain?  I love Fandandgo – and I know you will too!  The pictures from Moda just don’t do the fabric justice.  I’m glad I’m scanning them now!  I feel like it captures the beauty of this line so much better.

I have this rule that I don’t set aside yardage for myself.  I can use anything that is in stock when I start a project, but as long as the project isn’t started, the yardage is available for sale. (Luckily I don’t have a rule about finishing projects! ha ha ha)  You have to understand that I would set aside everything if it weren’t for this rule. Well, I broke my rule.

This is the print that made me do it….now to decide what to make!  Have any ideas for me?

Fandango is available for pre-order on my website.  Use the code SPAIN for 15% off pre-orders! Good until the yardage arrives!

Aug 172010

Many of you can probably relate to this –

You’re browsing fabrics online.  “Oh that’s cute.” “Mmm, that one is fun.”  “Meh, I can live without that one.”  And then you see the fabric in real life.  And you say “How did i ever live without that fabric in my life?”  (Okay, maybe that’s dramatic…but you get what I mean.)  Shopping online can be hard.

I get it.

SO I’m trying to help!  As new lines arrive, I’ll be adding a scaled photos to the detailed product page.  I say it’s for scale only because the coloring on monitors varies a lot…some colors brighten, others fade, etc. And processing them can change things slightly too.  Anyway – here is an example

This is a new fabric from Basic Grey.  It’s part of their Origins collection (arriving soon!  more on that later).  It’s cute enough.  Little circles, making up bigger circles, making up bigger circles.  It’s yellow (which is totally hot right now!)

And here is the scaled photograph.  Shows you about 9 square inches.

So there you go!  I hope that will help. :-)

Now let’s talk about Origins!  It is in in route to me!  This line from Basic Grey is so sophisticated.  I really love it!  The green, yellow and brown are just perfect for fall.  It has some grey, white and black thrown in too.  It’s relaxing, earthy, calm.

I will be making an Emily Tunic kit with the yardage as soon as it arrives!  And I’ll have to make myself something to wear too.  It screams Me!  (if that makes any sense!)  And I would really really love to see this quilt made from it.

Origins should arrive on the 19th or 20th.  Use the code BASIC for 15% off pre-orders. (case sensative, use all caps!)  Good until it arrives!  Find it here!

Aug 102010

When my mom was visiting, we took her up on the mountains in Tucson.  You seriously would not believe how it is up there!  It’s a whole different world – nothing like the desert down below.  I love our little retreat – have to make the time to escape more often.

We ate lunch with our forest friends –

Found an area filled with thousands of lady bugs.  This picture only shows one little tiny cluster.

One child fell into the creek. :-(

And I made Haley model the Emily Tunic…even with her messy hair, you have to admit, she’s pretty dang cute. 😉

And there couldn’t be a cuter fall shirt than the Emily Tunic from SisBoom.

Yummy avocado with pink. I love it! This will be available as a kit in the store later this week.

Aug 022010

Sweetwater is coming out with another line this month. It’s called Pure and I am just in love with it.



Of course, included in the collection is Sweetwater’s signature: words on fabric.

The circles are just plain fun!

The ampersand makes me happy.

Argyle.  Need I say more?  Okay – 4 color options – PERFECT for boys!

(My mom sewed up a kit sample with some of this and it’s SO cute!  I can’t wait to show it to you!)

The pre-cuts for Pure are here and ready to ship.  (Jelly Rolls, Layer Cakes and Charm Packs)  The yardage will arrive sometime this month.

Now here is the cool thing – You can sign up to be notified when the prints you like are in stock!

View them all here.

PS Moda Bake Shop already has a couple awesome tutorials up that feature this collection.

Jul 212010

It’s like Christmas around here, I tell ya! New fabrics right and left. Coming in the next few days is Meadowsweet 2 by Sandi Henderson.

Did you know I’m on Facebook? and Twitter?  I mention it because I’ll be sharing a pre-order discount code for these fabrics as soon as I have them online.  And you won’t want to miss that! :-)

Jul 192010

I fell hard for Jennifer Moore’s organic collection Monaco. I expect it to arrive today or tomorrow. I mean, really…how can you resist this?

The whole set is just heart-breakingly adorable…

The yardage, fat quarter and fat eighth sets will all be available soon!

Jun 192010

The knits are on their way to me!!!!

So it’s time for a little preview party!

There are 32 knits to choose from – solids, stripes, dots, and prints!  The knits are 100% cotton interlock.  They are 58/60 inches wide but the usable area (once you take the selvedge off) is 56 inches.  Be sure to wash these before you start your project. They will shrink!

All 32 will be in stock by the end of next week.  Use the code PYKNITS for 10% off your pre-order!  This code is only good until they show up on my doorstep. :-)  Plus….

….you STILL get 5% back to use on a future purchase with rewards points.  That is 60 cents/yard back on the solids and 65 cents on the dots, stripes and prints! And….

…shipping in the US is still a super low $5!

Pre-order here.