Oct 262011

Back today to share another fabric option for the kit this month! I was thinking of Christmas when I made version two…..and I must say, I think it’s wonderful!  Beautiful grey, red, pink and green….with a sweet little red dot fabric for the accent.

Ruby Swoon Urban Dress

This is from Ruby (Bonnie & Camille) for Moda….this print is called “Swoon” and it makes me want to do just that!  The light grey background is so pretty with the red, pink and green.  I love it!

I have plans for my sewing schedule the first week of November (NEXT WEEK! ACK!) – I’ll be using this little red dot to make the boys ties.  And if all goes as planned, they’ll also get newsboy caps and pants from this corduroy.  It will be our Christmas picture.  It will be adorable and even more wonderful if I actually manage to get it sent out to family and friends this year.  I dream big, people.  😉

Ruby Swoon Urban Dress

Haley found a flower while we were out taking pictures, and I thought this was such a sweet picture that I had to include it.  😀  After I finished the dress, I had her come try it on for me…and she did not want to take it off!  She has wanted to wear it every day…but I’m making her wait til I get those Christmas pictures.  I better hurry up!

So this is the second fabric option for this month’s kit! I hope you love it as much as we do.  We think it’s just precious. :-)  (See option one here and check back tomorrow for option three and details on the deal!)

Oct 252011

This month, I want to take a couple days on the dress of the month….because they are that cute!

Urban Prairie Dress is the pattern I opted for this month.  I wanted something quick and versatile.  I love that it can highlight a print or you can use solids and applique fun designs onto the dress!  Plus I wanted to have something that would either have a long sleeved option or be able to be worn over a long sleeved shirt.  (You can do both with this dress!)  That way the dress will work for anyone – warmer or colder climate. :-)  (The kit can make either option.)  I believe this will become a pattern you will use time and time again!  (From size 12 months up to 10 years!!!)

Urban Praire Dress by Indygo Junction

Okay – ready for the first fabric option?  It’s the ever so popular Funky Flowers fabric from AdornIt paired with Hoo’s in the Forest Mini Green Dot. (Both fabrics are also available for sale on their own if you need this fabric for another project!)

And the result is adorable!

Funky Flowers Urban Dress

Funky Flowers Urban Dress

I enlisted the help of sweet little L to help me show you this dress.  Could she very possibly be the cutest little girl ever?  We opted for the short sleeved option on this dress, but I think it’d look adorable with the ruffle sleeved option too.  Both options of the dress have elastic sewn into a casing at the waist and around the neckline. And this dress goes together so quickly too!  You assemble the front half of the dress, then the back half, add the sleeves and sew the side seems together.  :-)  Here is another shot – without the vintage filter.  SOOO CUTE!

Funky Flowers Urban Dress

Tomorrow I’ll share another version.   If you know you want to be part of this month’s club (specific details coming), I have already opened up the sign up list.  Sign Up Here.

Sep 302011

My love for Kate Spain is never ending.

(That sounds a little obsessive doesn’t it?)

Well, whatever.  I can’t help it.

I mean look at these amazing colors!

Wonderful delicious prints.

Fabulous designs that just beg me to use them.

I knew I HAD to use Terrain.

And I knew I had to make something that would be fast!

Layer Cake + Charm packs = FAST

This top took me two sewing days to complete.

(There were a lot of days between day 1 and day 2.)

The pattern is on Moda Bake Shop.

And did you remember it was National Sewing Month during September?

Did you get a lot done?

Did you sew something fabulous? I want to see!

PS. Fully expect to see this quilt again once I get it back from the quilter. :-)

Sep 272011

I LOVE these skirts!  Seriously love them!  And I just couldn’t stop making up fabric combinations for them! (I really could have gone on and on making more and more skirts. :-)  )

There are a total of 8 fabric combinations and you’re going to want one of each, I’m sure! 😉

Anyway – the kit of the month is ready to go!

No, seriously!  You only have until the end of September to join this group deal!

Sep 062011

So you know of my love for little vicki?  As soon as Haley tried it on, I knew we had to make another – but this time as a shirt.

Which I really really really love.  Maybe even more than the dress.  Not because the dress is any less wonderful, but because my little girl has so many dresses and skirts.  I need to add more shirts to her wardrobe.  And it’s so dang cute!!!

Haley picked out the fabric for this shirt.  It’s from Joel Dewberry’s Heirloom Collection.  She must get her exceptional taste in fabric from her mother.  😉  😉  I adore this collection!  The shirt is the paisley print and the collar, hem band, and covered buttons are the ribbon lattice print.  I love the combination in the citrine colorway too but my little girl chose pink and purple…naturally.

Translating this dress into a top was not hard.

  • First, I found a shirt of Haley’s that fit and measured how long it was.  (from shoulder seam to hem)
  • Second, I measured on the pattern from the shoulder seam down and saw that her “shirt” measurement was closest to the size 2 length.
  • Third, I used the pattern I had from making the dress, adding the new cut line for a size 2 length. I folded along this line and cut out the pattern a normal.
  • I also changed the depth of the hemband to match the size 2 pattern so it would be proportional to the length of the shirt, but did not change the length because I was still making a size 6 shirt! (I actually just cut 2 strips 7 inches x the width of the fabric and sewed them together so I knew they’d be plenty long)
  • The last change that I made when sewing this pattern as a shirt was that I did not close the middle back until after I had the hemband attached.  That was because I didn’t measure ahead of time to know the length I needed for the hemband, so this allowed me to cut any excess off before putting the seam in.

And I think that it turned out soooooo cute!

So that is my Little Vicki Remix! 😀  Don’t you love it?!?!?  Now I know that this top is still plenty big on her -and I could have traced the pattern and made her a smaller size – but I didn’t because #1: I already had the size 6 pattern ready to go.  #2: Going into cooler weather (hahahahahaha not so much here yet) I figured she could easily layer the shirt and it’ll definitely last her through winter.  And #3: Did I mention I didn’t want to retrace the pattern?  No regrets here.  I think it’s just perfect!

Pattern:  Little Vicki by Izzy & Ivy Designs

Fabric: Heirloom by Joel Dewberry

(Kits are available!)

Aug 292011

Trying to gather my thoughts here and make it more than just a bunch of rambling!  Okay, so back at quilt market, I saw this pattern at the Izzy & Ivy booth.

Super super cute dress, right?  And I saw this fabric over at the Adornit booth and I knew the two were a perfect match!  I mean how adorable are these florals? Super super fun for kids clothing! (It’s a the phone pic, but you still get the idea!)

So when Long Live Vintage arrived, I got to work! And I LOVE the dress!  Super super love it!

Haley was at school when I started this and so I didn’t measure her.  Since she is 7 years old, I made her a size 6.  The dress is plenty big and will easily be worn with a long sleeved shirt under it for winter and beyond that.  After measuring her, she fits more into the size 4 range for this pattern.  BUT I’d much rather have room to grow than be too small. :-)  The pattern goes up to a size 6…but obviously worked for my 7 year old.  Now I tell you this so if you have an older child, you know that you may be able to make this for her as well.  Remember that sewing pattern size ranges are NOT the same as store bought clothing. Look at the measurements! (And maybe I should write Haley’s down for the next time I sew while she isn’t here!)

As far as sewing the dress, I have to admit that I did freak out at one point.  You sew the lining and dress together around the arm holes, neckline and back opening. (making super nice finished edges!)  I sat there and looked at it thinking, there is no way I will be able to get this right side out.  BUT you really can! (Thanks, Jana, for calming me down!)  You just reach up through the opening (between layers) and pull the back through – and wa la – it works. :-)  I have moments like that occasionally.

The collar was super easy and fun but is also optional.  And I just love the covered buttons! (Has one on the back also)  Inspired by this version, I added a striped trim in between the hem band and the dress.  I love the accents she added! (Not part of pattern, just extras.)  I didn’t have any cording on hand which was good for me because I did not feel like messing with piping for the collar, although it’s super super cute.

And so without hesitation, I absolutely recommend this pattern. :-)  I love it so much, I even made a kit for it (with multiple fabric options of course!)

Pattern: Little Vicki by Izzy & Ivy Designs

Fabric: Long Live Vintage by Adornit

Kit available here! 😀

Later this week, I’ll share a little more about this pattern and what else I did. LOVE it too!

Aug 092011

It’s been a long time since I went to the grocery store. A long long loooong time. This weekend I had the chance to go to the grocery store sans children. Which was happy in and of itself. (If you have regularly taken 3 children to the store you’ll understand!) But what was even more happy was using my super duper crazy cute grocery bags I made.

I used Heather Bailey‘s New Leaf Folding Tote bag pattern.

And Lizzy House‘s 1001 Peeps in the Basra Blue colorway.

I didn’t make any changes to the bag pattern – but I did use a solid fabric for the lining inside (less expensive that way! And it’s the inside of the bag so no biggie, right?) I used the Towers Print for the band that wraps around the bags. It made me very happy. So perfect. In order to get the towers to fit as I wanted, I widened width of the band.

Isn’t it fun the way they all fold up? I may make it to the grocery store more often since I have these happy bags. I was also thinking of some of these bags as gifts for teachers. (School is starting. Christmas will be here sooner than we think!) What do you think? Okay gifts? Maybe with something else grocery related….anyway I have time to think about it!

Pattern: New Leaf Folding Tote

Fabric: 1001 Peeps