Mar 162011
Flip Side with Just Wing It

Flip Side with Just Wing It

I have to thank Rebecca for inspiring this quilt!  And I have to say I SUPER SUPER love it!

Pattern: Flip Side

Fabric: Just Wing It Jelly Rolls and Bella Basics White Fabric

Kit: Available here!

The quilt went together very quickly.  I worked on the quilt for a total of 4 days.  The last day was hand sewing the binding in place. Fast!  I do believe this is a quilt that could be done over a week if you stay focused. 😉  Here is how it can broken down. None of the steps were super long. Probably day 2 was the longest.  (Although I am slow at hand stitching the binding in place also!)

Day 1: Sort my jelly roll into dominate colors and cut all the pieces to size. (I also sewed 2 blocks together so I could get a feel for how they went together!)

Day 2: Sew remaining blocks together.  I chain pieced them – which I think helps save time.  What is chain piecing? (Each piece has a letter associated with it)  I sewed all my A’s to my B’s in a row without stopping and cutting the thread each time.  Then clip the thread in between and press. Next I added all the C and so on and so forth.

Day 3: Add sashing/boarders so your quilt top is done! Yay! And prepare backing and binding. (I used left over jelly roll strips…more on that in a minute)

Day 4: Baste back, batting and quilt top.  Quilt as desired (I used all over free motion)

Day 5: Add binding!  (and wash if you want!)

Flip Side Front

Whole Top of Flip Side Quilt

Okay! The pattern calls for 2 jelly rolls and white yardage for the sashing and borders as well as yardage for the binding and center little accent squares.  Problem is the yardage isn’t available for this yet…and I needed to have it done like yesterday.  (Love those emails…’remember, you said you were doing this? I need that by Friday!’) You will have left over jelly rolls strips. SO I used mine for the accent squares (red), on the back (which can save you on the yardage required for the back if you plan ahead) AND I used mine to make the binding. Therefore, I did NOT have enough left over to make the smaller quilt that is included in the pattern….but over all the cost of the one quilt has gone down!

The back fabric is from Patty Young’s Mezzanine line – It’s the clover dot in aqua. I also LOVED the Limeade Chain Flower from Sandi Henderson but in the end decided the person I’m giving this too will like the aqua better.  I’m pretty fond of how the back turned out.  I’ll have a picture of me holding it up soon. :-) It is a very fun spring and summer quilt!

Flip Side Back Quilt

Back of Flip Side Just Wing It Quilt

So there you have it! My finished Flip Side Quilt. :-) And I have to say, finishing this one quilt has totally given me the bug again. And I have to say, finishing this one quilt has totally given me the bug again. Oh wait, I already said that. 😉 Ahem… Maybe I’ll manage to get a quilt made for some people for Christmas this year!

Kits available here for this amazing Flip Side Quilt!

(PS. A few of sample pre-cuts from Moda have arrived for Flurry and Countdown to Christmas even tho they aren’t officially released until May. VERY limited amounts! And last year’s prices on them too!)

Mar 152011

I’m excited to have Sarah share a review of this super cute dress pattern today! I love that it is versatile enough to be worn all year!


Recently I had the pleasure of using Jona G’s Sunny Scallop Dress pattern for the 1st time! I made View C with the ruffles and used Mo Bedell’s Party Dress in Ramble – Shindig for the body of the dress and the Drip Strips in Fiesta for the ruffle, and for the underskirt, Jennifer Paganelli’s Jodi print from her Queen Street collection in Fuschia.

My daughter just loves the dress! While it may be intended as a sundress it also works perfectly over a t-shirt and tights for the cooler days like we’ve still been having. (She wasn’t about to let the dress hang around in a closet waiting for warmer weather!)

The dress really was quick to sew! I sewed it over the course of a weekend, tracing out pattern pieces one evening, cutting and sewing a few seams the next day, then finishing the dress up the next day.

When I was making this dress I had summer in mind, when my daughter would be turning 7, so I traced the 7/8 pattern without first measuring her. Somehow I managed to forget that she’s petite. :-) When I finally did measure her she was still in the 5-range of this pattern, which explain why the dress is a bit longer than you’d expect on her. Layering over a t-shirt the dress fits fine, a bit loose, but certainly not unwearable. :-) Lesson learned: measure before cutting!

Jona’s instructions are really well written and she includes great illustrations throughout that would make the Sunny Scallop dress perfect for someone who has recently started sewing!

The special construction of this dress creates a lining and hides almost all the seam allowances within the lining for a beautifully professional finish and no itchy spots. I added the optional elastic under the arms so there won’t be any gaping when it’s worn as a sundress.

The single thing I wish was different about this cute pattern is that the enclosed pattern pieces are printed on thin tissue paper and I’ve gotten spoiled using patterns with the heavier-weight pattern paper. Certainly not a reason to miss out on this cute dress though!

Another great dress benefit– it is perfect for twirling!

Cayley Spinning in her Sunny Scallop Dress

I do intend to make this pattern again, and I want to make the scallop version next time! (How cute would it be in the new Riley Blake Sugar & Spice?!)  The Sunny Scallop Dress pattern has a size range from 2 all the way up to 9-10, so I expect I’ll use it quite a few more times actually. :-)


Thank you, Sarah! I LOVE the dress! I think Haley would like one too, and I agree the Sugar & Spice fabrics would be just precious!  Of course, we always like to see everything you’re sewing!  You can add pictures to the flickr group here!

Dec 072010

I promised that at some point I would tell you more about the Hippy Chick Skirt that I made.  Since my dear friend harassed me via phone today for not blogging…I suppose today is as good a day as any. 😉

These are more shots from Michelle.  Super fun, right?  I used fabric from Kate Spain’s Fandango collection. (Oh….by the way, the pre-cuts of Central Park are arriving tomorrow!!!!  CRAZY excited about that!) Back to this skirt – the pattern says that it goes for a size 10 girls to a size 8 in women – but with drop waist style and the strip work skirt, it could really be any size that you want with almost no trouble at all!

Now I did change the pattern a little teeny tiny bit.  First of all, I added a couple little tucks at the waist.  I felt like the drop waist was too poofy. I don’t know how else to describe that.

The second thing I did was to use Sports Elastic which I LOVE.  It’s is SO easy and so so so comfy!  I really honestly think I’ll make this change on everything I make!  No more casings with elastic! This elastic is sewn straight to the the fabric.  You mark the center and quarter points on both your elastic and the fabric, pin in place at those spots and then stretch the elastic in between while you sew so it fits in place.

So there ya go.  My blog for today – a little more info on the few changes that I made.  Hasta mañana! (or maybe that should be luego!)

Nov 302010

I’ve had Jona’s patterns in the store since they first came out, and while I intended to sew up some samples for a show back in September, it just didn’t happen.  (You can relate right? I’m not the only one that over extends myself, am I?!?!?)  Anyway, I’m actually glad that there was the delay – because Jennifer’s line, Queen Street, is just SO perfect.

I made the Edith Twirl Skirt.  Haley LOVES it – she feels like a queen -or maybe that should be a princess! 😉  It is all about  ‘girly’ and ‘twirly’ – which are two things my girl loves!

The pattern itself goes together quickly – it’s a one day project, which I also love!  I didn’t need to make any changes to the pattern.  Next time, I think I’ll used a print for the underskirt instead of a solid.  And while we used all pink for this skirt, I do think more high contrast fabric options would also be fun.  We used Dolin for the main print, Maeve for the hem band and Jodi for the underskirt ruffle.

All of Jona’s patterns are here.  And Jennifer’s Queen street is here.

Tomorrow is the day to draw the $100, $50 and $25 gift certificate!!!!  Have you entered?

Oct 282010

Julia recently made the Hippy Chick skirt and sent along these wonderful pictures and review of the pattern!


I thought the pattern was great…especially considering it wasn’t a “cut-out” pattern.  Usually the measurement-only patterns freak me out (precision doesn’t rank high on my list of important things), but this one was concise. The directions were great, and are well suited to those who have a basic knowledge sewing.

I made no changes to the pattern, but next time I’d choose a different decorative stitch to do…mine sucked up thread like it was going out of style.  I’d never done decorative stitches on anything before, so now I know that “decorative stitching” is simply code-word for “get ready to wind that bobbin a ga-gillion times.”

I would recommend this pattern…the two skirts it offers are great.  And it seems to be easily modified to suit any style.


Thanks, Julia!

Julia used fabrics from Basic Grey’s Origins collection.  I just love it!  I will have some more pictures of my skirt for you before too long.  I made a couple minor changes to the pattern when I sewed it (I’ll share more details when I share more pictures) – but as Julia said, one great thing about this pattern is how suitable it is to modifications!

Sep 152010

I’m really excited to share Marie‘s pattern review with you!  She recently made the Scientific Seamstress’ Boxy Bags pattern.  I love how it turned out!


I recently had the opportunity to go out of my comfort zone and dive into something a little different than the girls clothing and pillows that I’m used to making. First of all, I am a huge fan of Carla C.’s patterns. She writes THE BEST, most thorough and easy to understand PDF patterns out there. Her well illustrated diagrams and step by step instructions makes it hard to mess up. :-)

With that being said, the sewing is fairly simple for the construction of this bag, but there are a lot of pieces to cut out… over 50! The best tip: mark each piece w/ a fabric marker exactly like she outlines it in the pattern, that way when it comes time to bringing those cut pieces to the machine, you won’t be lost as to which one is which.

There are 3 sizes included in the pattern. I opted to make the large bag because I already knew I wanted a new bag for my camera. I also did the optional exterior and interior pockets and the optional dividers that are removable as well.  All these little details really make for a great camera bag!

I was hesitant with using foam sheets because I have never incorporated that into my sewing before, but it turned out to be necessary to give the bag a nice cushion (especially for my camera) and durability. I ended up finding the sheets at Joann’s in the kids craft section and they cost me $1.49 each.

Although this pattern was well written, I would not recommend it for those who are brand new to sewing, but if you’ve made a few things before and know your way around the the sewing machine, then you’ll have no problem tackling this project. Compared to custom made camera bags that can cost you over $100, this was well worth it to me!


Thanks, Marie!  I’m seriously trying to figure out how I can talk you into sending me your new bag. 😉   Only jokin’!  But it turned out so great!  I am inspired to pick out a few of my favorite prints to make this myself!  And I agree, Carla has awesome patterns!

You can find all of the Scientific Seamstress patterns here!

Sep 092010

Mandy from Abby Chase Designs knows how to do everything in style! Even carrying your personal hygiene necessities can be cute with her Incognito Wallet pattern!  Ashlee of Tweet Baby Designs recently made this for her daughter and agreed to share a review with us!


This pattern was very easy, certainly easy enough for a beginner. I was able to complete this pattern from beginning to end while my 11 month old napped. That alone makes this a fantastically, well written pattern.

It was very well written with many colorful, detailed pictures. It did not include a printable pattern, only measurements to draw out your own pieces. It was very simple to do and easy to modify.  I made this wallet for my 12 year old daughter who LOVED it. She thought it was a great way to take what she needed to the bathroom but much more discreetly than lugging her purse. I think I will help her make them for her friends for Christmas.

The only change I would make is lengthening the strap for the pad version of the wallet. When you put 2 regular sized pads and a pill bottle in it, the strap is about 1 inch too short. It works well when I use 1 pad, 1 liner and a pill bottle though.

Another trick I will use next time is making 2 stitches across the corners for extra support when turning your corners and cutting my fleece 1/4 inch smaller than my pattern piece to reduce extra bulk in the seams.

I would absolutely recommend this pattern to anyone, from novice to advanced sewist.  I think it is a fantastic gift for that impossible to buy for pre-teen age. Also, its great for the mom who throws everything into their purse or diaper bag. This way you don’t have to hunt down your necessities when you need them the most. :-)

Overall, this pattern gets 5 stars! :-)


Thanks so much, Ashlee!!!

Ashlee used fabric from Patty Young‘s Flora & Fauna collection paired with those awesome full moon dots from Amy Butler! (which will be back in stock sooner or later!)

Find the Incognito Wallet pattern here!