Jun 142012

We absolutely love Dena Designs latest fabric collection, Pretty Little Things. Fun and whimsical, this collection by Dena Designs features a combination of hand painted florals with fresh geometric prints in aqua and pink. Inspired by sweet handmade projects, these are the perfect patterns to create pretty little things.

To get you started, Dena posted one of her favorite DIY projects on her blog and even filmed a video to go along with it. Fabric covered albums are easy, fun, beautiful gifts.

DIY Fabric Covered Album by Dena Designs. Fabric found at Lola Pink Fabrics #lolapinkYou can also use this same method to cover all sorts of items around the house .. journals, boxes, magazine holders would be perfect!

The Pretty Little Things fabric Dena used in her tutorial is now available in the shop. This collection is gorgeous!

Aug 032011

that I can’t wait to make! In fact, I’m working on muffins right now (getting ready for easy back to school breakfasts, lunches and snacks! It’s a huge chore but it smells yummy in here) BUT after the muffins – I think this will be our project today.

I love it so much I wanted to make it super super easy for you too – so I listed it as a kit in the store.  That will get you the fabric you need to get started – and I bet many of us have other random crafting items to complete the playhouse in style!

Find the kit here

And the free tutorial here!

Jun 152011

So a long long time ago….I mean a LONG LONG time ago…..I posted a really quick tutorial on how to make a self binding blanket.  It seemed so easy in my mind (probably because I had made so many of them at the time) that I did not take a lot of time to add in tons of pictures nor did I draw out illustrations.  Those of you who have done tutorials know how much time and energy they take!  It’s a lot.  There is a reason people sell patterns for money.

However – what was easy in my mind has not made any sense what-so-ever in most normal people’s mind – BUT I really want you to know how to make this blanket.  SO today I finally finished a video tutorial that hopefully SHOWS you how to make the blanket.  Once you’ve done it, you’ll see that it’s not hard at all!

I suggest that you download the (really poorly illustrated) tutorial IN ADDITION TO watching the video – and hopefully the two of them together will make just a little teeny tiny bit more sense.


And see the video here:

Apr 032011

Sooooooo – my first video for you.  😀  After I mentioned using this elastic in my Hippy Chick skirt, I got a few questions about how to use it.  I thought a video would be better than just more words!

I love the soft elastic for waistbands in kids clothing as well as my own!  You can find the elastic here. And if I’ve just managed to confuse you more (I’m good at confusing people) then leave a question for me. If you want to just tell me how beautiful I am with my glasses, you can do that too.

I have a couple more video clips to share with you…but don’t want to inundate you all at once with too much screen time.

Mar 252011

I’m so excited about the response that the quilt-along is getting! We start April 11th! At 7am sharp!  (Not really at 7….but really on the 11th!)

FIRST:  The button!

Please feel free to grab this and put it on your blog if you want!

(here is the code for you to copy and paste…. )

<p><a href="http://www.aboveallfabric.com/blog/?page_id=4542"><img title="Above All Fabric Spring Quilt Along" src="http://www.aboveallfabric.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2011/03/spring-quilt-along-9.jpg" alt="" width="200" height="200" /></a></p>

I’ve set up a Spring Quilt Along Page here….with a Q&A page here.

Next up….ideas for some additional fabric options! :-) I really can’t wait for you to see the fabric options! (And yes, some of them will be kits too!)  If you’re anything like me, seeing one will give you an idea for another! I think I want to make at least a dozen. For now I have to sleep so I can take my kids to the zoo tomorrow! (And by tomorrow, I mean later today!)  Wish I had my quilt with cute bag to take with us.  It’d be perfect for a picnic lunch.

See you again really really soon!

Jul 242010

Today a few of us got together to make the cool scarves for the soldiers.  We made a lot of progress, but we just didn’t have enough time or people to finish them up.  SO next weekend we will finish them up and get these mailed off.  If you’re in Tucson, PLEASE come to help at 10am on Saturday, July 31st. With several of us working, it won’t take more than a couple hours….and I’ll make cookies for you! (Not in Tucson, you can still make some simple drawstring bags to send as well.  See the original post here.)

Plus, if you want to make some cool scarves yourself, I’ve created a tutorial for anyone to use!  Imagine them in super cute fabric!  Download the tutorial right here!

Jun 062010

So somewhere I read that June 6th is National Yo-Yo day.  I can’t remember where I found the original link…sorry!  Of course, I’m sure ‘they’ created it in honor of the yo-yo toys that spin up and down on a string.  My mind, however, went to fabric yo-yo’s.  What else?!?!

Heather Bailey has a straight forward, easy peasy tutorial here.