May 102012

Making a cathedral window mini-quilt is on my list of things I must sew.  I even know the fabric I want to use. :-)  But holy guacamole, it looks like sooooo much work!  Maybe that’s why this adorable pincushion caught my eye!

This free Cathedral Window Pincushion tutorial can be found over at Moda Bake Shop.  It’s like sewing and origami all in one! And since it’s such a cute little package and only one window, maybe it’s not so overwhelming?!?!

(And if you need a little bling for your pincushion – check out Etsy!  I love this Alice in Wonderland Eat Me Cupcake from Pinks & Needles! )

Anyway, the pincushion would be super fun with the Pezzy Prints charm pack! Or A Walk in the WoodsSummersville would be so fun because it could be like a little window peeking out onto a town!  And don’t forget Vintage Modern! That would be so so sweet.  We love Moda Bake Shop for inspiration! And their charm packs too!  (You can find all of our pre-cut fabrics here!)

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