Dec 142008

Haley’s Christmas dress was made using Mary Engelbreit’s Isn’t Christmas Jolly fabrics.  (By the way,  all Seasonal fabrics are on sale!)  I love the little peppermint candies and the vintage toys.

I used Pink Figs The Lily Top pattern.  A very cute pattern indeed!  I made it long so that it would be a full length dress.  The most notable thing about this dress is the shirring.  It’s a technique that many are afraid to tackle, but it was very easy.  You hand wind elastic thread onto your bobbin, lengthen a straight sticth to a 4  and sew like normal. There are 4 rows of stitching spaced  about 1/4 inch apart.  When you’re done sewing, you tie off the elastic ends, and then blast the area with steam from your iron.  It shrinks the elastic thread and the material gathers up.  Very cute, don’t you think?  It has shirring around the neck, the waist and the sleeves. I’ll be doing more shirring for sure.  Very fun!  (And easier than casing elastic if you ask me!)

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  1. you are such a cool mom! Take lots of pictures of that pretty little girl. Will the boys get something cool too?


  2. I agree with Lynelle! :) Your kids sure are lucky!


  3. Cute dress and neat that you’ve learned how to do shirring with the elastic bobbin thread. Beautiful model too!
    Love you all,


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