Aug 192011

I have sock monkeys from when I was a child. My children have sock monkeys. It’s one of those classic childhood items. I decided to look into the history of the sock monkey. :-) It was in 1932 when the Nelson Knitting Company added a red heal to it’s socks – and during the Great Depression, people made sock monkeys from worn out socks. I wonder if my grandma made any! From there, kits were made to make the sock monkeys and of course, the classic sock monkey made it’s way onto fabric as well. Erin Michael’s line – Funky Monkey – for Moda fabrics came out in April of 2006.

Anna of Sweet Dreams Designs used the classic sock monkey as the theme for her son’s first birthday party! It was all so cute – the cake, the treats, the decorations…and of course – the hat!  You can see more details on Anna’s blog! (And you really should. It’s so fun!)

Elena just recently made a crib sheet as an addition to her son’s sock monkey bed set (that of course she made!) You can find a tutorial for a fitted crib sheet over at Michael Miller‘s blog (also at Joanna’s blog).

Do you have any sock monkey projects to share?  I’d love to see!

(And should you be inspired to make something with sock monkeys – you can find the fabric in stock (and on sale) right here.)

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  1. Quilt for my newborn (still haven’t done the binding :P)
    I made a slipcover that matches for my older sons bed to match. I’ll have to take a picture :)


    Melanie Reply:

    LOVE it!!!!


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