Jan 062009

For those of you in and around Tucson, Arizona
(or ya know, if you want to fly or drive here – that’s cool too!)

Who:  You!

What: Sewing party

When: January 22, 2009  6 pm

Where:  Melanie’s House

Why:  For fun, of course!

You may recall, when I did the craft show in November I had the pleasure of meeting Gigi.  Gigi runs the shop Pinks & NeedlesSandi Henderson used Gigi’s adorable handmade pin toppers in the photograph of her cupcake pattern.  So anyway, we got to talking and thought it would be fun to get together and sew up our own super cute, super fun cupcake pin cushions – and we’d like to invite YOU to join us for an evening of sewing, chatting, eating, laughing…FUN!!!!

The technical stuff:

We need you to RSVP by Jan 16th, please!

We will be making the Cupcake Pincushion pattern by Sandi Henderson.  (You can make something else if you’d like, I suppose!)  This is not a free pattern -so if you don’t own it already, let me know and I will order you one.  The patterns are $11.95.  You may bring your own fabric or I have a bunch of scrap fabric that you may also use.  (Of course, I have ton of fabric on the bolt too if you feel like buying something specific.)  I already have the filling – so you don’t need to worry about bringing that.  I only have one sewing machine – so if you want to bring your machine, that would be great!

Once you RSVP, I will contact you with directions to my house.  It’s going to be a fun night!  Hope to see you there  :-)

  7 Responses to “Come party with us!”

  1. Just one more reason that I wish I lived “in and around Tucson” . (The other reason is WINTER! and the other reason is I grew up in Tucson and get nostalgic!) Sounds like fun!


  2. Wish you were here so you could come!!!


  3. Whoopee! This sounds too fun! So, even though this is my regular Book Club night, I think I might have to skip that and go to your house instead! I do have my own pattern, and machine … and I might have some fabric (LOL) … hmmmmm … maybe. But good to know I can buy some the night of! :)

    Does Rachelle know about it? Will Gigi be there? I’m so excited!

    How late do you think it will go until? Gosh, I feel so bad for skipping Book Club! Can’t wait!


  4. Yes – Gigi will be here. :-)

    I have to email Rachelle – actually I’m going to see her later this week – so if she doesn’t read this, then I’ll make sure she knows!

    I am getting ready to make the pattern on my own so I’ll be of more help to everyone there – so then I’ll have a better idea of a time frame. Of course – if you can only stay until a certain time – that’s okay too!


  5. I wish I could come. That sounds like so much fun!!! Yes that fabric did come. How much do you want?


  6. Hi all! This is going to be so much fun!!! I’m bringing a Surprise dessert that I’m sure everyone will love : ) Thanks Melanie for all your hard work!


  7. Hi Melanie!

    I might be up for this….can I bring a couple friends? thanks!!


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