Dec 052008

As promised, I made a set of the cute cute concentration fabric squares!  I only managed to get one set done last night – and no bag made – but I’ll get to the rest soon – maybe.  The cards really were easy.  I didn’t have any double sided fusible interfacing – so I used heat-n-bond to fuse the plaid fabric to the interfacing.  The hardest part was cutting with the pinking sheers.  You see, I don’t have any!  (Shocking, I know!)  But I have connections – so I borrowed some.  And they were not so great.  Then today at the store I picked up a pair for myself.  They are even worse than the ones I borrowed!  Serves me right for buying a cheap pair at a non-fabric store!

The kids already love them – played a few games last night!  Too bad I had intended to give this set as a gift – guess I really will have to make more.  I’m anxious to use the Animals Gone Wild fabric with the little squares fabric as the backing! Maybe that is the set my kids will keep.  :-)

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  1. They look so cute… I can’t believe you got a set done in just one night. & I love that you improvised with the scissors and the heat and bond. I’m always doing that.. of course you can usually tell on mine. :) Yours look great though.


  2. They are so cute! I returned my first pair of pinking shears that I got at Wal Mart years ago – they were terrible! Go get yourself a pinking blade for your rotary cutter – much better! Disclaimer – I’ve never used them on concentration cards before. :o)


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