Jul 242010

Today a few of us got together to make the cool scarves for the soldiers.  We made a lot of progress, but we just didn’t have enough time or people to finish them up.  SO next weekend we will finish them up and get these mailed off.  If you’re in Tucson, PLEASE come to help at 10am on Saturday, July 31st. With several of us working, it won’t take more than a couple hours….and I’ll make cookies for you! (Not in Tucson, you can still make some simple drawstring bags to send as well.  See the original post here.)

Plus, if you want to make some cool scarves yourself, I’ve created a tutorial for anyone to use!  Imagine them in super cute fabric!  Download the tutorial right here!

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  1. I just found your shop and blog today.. you have such beautiful fabrics! I live in Tucson, and am wondering if you ever offer sewing classes? Do you have a store locally, or does everything have to be bought on line? Thank you :)


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