Dress of the Month Club


What is the Dress of the Month club?

To keep it simple, here is the idea:  Each month, a kit will be featured. If enough people sign up to buy the kit, the everyone will get a discount on the kit, the pattern (and sometimes a bonus offer too!)

It won’t actually always be a dress.  Sometimes it will be a skirt, pants, a home dec item, or whatever else may come to mind!

Where do I sign up?

I will be sending out a newsletter each month with the Group Deal offer.  Sign up for the newsletter here.

I will also be blogging about and mentioning it on Facebook and Twitter!  It will be toward the end of each month, so be watching then!

AND (this is the really good news, at least in my mind) you do NOT have to commit long term or give me your credit card information!  Each month, you can decide if you want to participate in that month’s club offer!!!

SEPTEMBER – adorable fall Skirts!!!

Find the details here!

July is not a dress at all!

Christmas Pajama pants and pillowcases!!!

June’s Dress of the Month

Summer Days Dress

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  1. […] is now a Dress of the Month page on the blog and I’ll be adding these details to that page for a permanent place on the blog.  […]

  2. EXCITING!!! =) And you are going to step me through them, right?!?!?!??

  3. […] this has been selected to be June’s Dress of the Month, if 25 people commit to buy it by Tuesday, May 31st, everyone will get a discount on the kit, the […]

  4. I’m very intrigued. I’ve never made any clothes before, but I’ve been thinking of trying. I hope this will get me started!

  5. I’m in, baby! Looking for nice grown-up patterns, not too bohemian, not too tent-like. Though I love sewing for children, mine are now too old to appreciate the cute little frocks. It would be great, if you are going to offer a kids’ pattern, to offer an adult version of the same.

    • Thanks for the idea. Since this is the first time I’m doing this, I’m certain many things will end up happening over time. Sometimes, i might not have a child related pattern at all for the monthly club kit, but only an adult pattern…or a pillow! or something like a bag…or…..well, you get the idea!!! I know I like to sew for myself too. :-)

  6. Love this idea, Melanie. I already put in my reservation, but I have a question on the design of the dress. When I first looked at the contrast fabric strip which I think begins at the center neckline, I thought it odd that the strip ended off-center at the hemline. At first, I thought it was the model’s position but now I see that it was planned that way! If it really bothers me (so anal, I know, I know!!), can I center the whole strip from top to bottom?!

    Thank you for doing this. It would be fun sometime to do a ruffled, fat quarter twirl skirt. (Chanana Designs has a cute one!)

    • yes, that is the suggested placement – for it to be at an angle. BUT you can place it however you want! That’s the beauty of sewing it yourself! :D

  7. […] Melanie:  Since this has been selected to be June’s Dress of the Month, if 25 people commit to buy it by Tuesday, May 31st, everyone will get a discount on the kit, the […]

  8. This is such a great idea you came up with!!! I love it and I can’t wait to participate in the July Dress!!

  9. […] to share pictures with you…and at the same time photograph the 1001 Peeps gypsy dress as well July’s kit.  So much to do….gotta scram!  See you again […]

  10. I just found your website! Is there a way to order past kits, or just the patterns, actually?? I am bummed I missed out on so much, but I’ve signed up for the newsletter, so I’ll be in the know from now on!

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