Oct 252011

This month, I want to take a couple days on the dress of the month….because they are that cute!

Urban Prairie Dress is the pattern I opted for this month.  I wanted something quick and versatile.  I love that it can highlight a print or you can use solids and applique fun designs onto the dress!  Plus I wanted to have something that would either have a long sleeved option or be able to be worn over a long sleeved shirt.  (You can do both with this dress!)  That way the dress will work for anyone – warmer or colder climate. :-)  (The kit can make either option.)  I believe this will become a pattern you will use time and time again!  (From size 12 months up to 10 years!!!)

Urban Praire Dress by Indygo Junction

Okay – ready for the first fabric option?  It’s the ever so popular Funky Flowers fabric from AdornIt paired with Hoo’s in the Forest Mini Green Dot. (Both fabrics are also available for sale on their own if you need this fabric for another project!)

And the result is adorable!

Funky Flowers Urban Dress

Funky Flowers Urban Dress

I enlisted the help of sweet little L to help me show you this dress.  Could she very possibly be the cutest little girl ever?  We opted for the short sleeved option on this dress, but I think it’d look adorable with the ruffle sleeved option too.  Both options of the dress have elastic sewn into a casing at the waist and around the neckline. And this dress goes together so quickly too!  You assemble the front half of the dress, then the back half, add the sleeves and sew the side seems together.  :-)  Here is another shot – without the vintage filter.  SOOO CUTE!

Funky Flowers Urban Dress

Tomorrow I’ll share another version.   If you know you want to be part of this month’s club (specific details coming), I have already opened up the sign up list.  Sign Up Here.

  12 Responses to “Dress of the month: Version One”

  1. Oh, I love it! I think I might have to get in on this one :)

  2. Very sweet dress! Love the fabrics and combination! But, truly, one the most precious models evah!! SOOOOO cute!!!

  3. Hey -I know that cutie!!! And that dress is adorable!!

  4. Really cute dress! Somehow I haven’t seen that pattern before!

  5. Ah-mazin dress! (And, yes, I’m a bit biased, but the model is super cute too!)

  6. love this dress! just found your blog via flickr and i’ll definitely be joining in :)

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