May 282009

I am a Mom.  I have a small business I run out of of my home.  I am a work at home mom (WAHM – not to be confused with Wham! – the band from the 80s – which just for your knowledge, I liked.)

Keywords:  You’d probably guess Mom – but not this time.  This time the keywords are SMALL and HOME.  I apparently forgot those when I was in Pittsburgh surrounded by beautiful fabric.  I must have thought I was a buyer for fabric dot com or something.  *ahem*

SO almost everything is on sale on my website.  As much as 50% off! 

Which brings me to another issue.  I sell half yards and full yards.  (Remember I am a Mom, not a workroom full of employees!)  Yet, somehow I have hundreds of fat quarters laying around.  (I’ll tell you how – I’m too nice, that’s how!)  So I created a section just to get rid of the fat quarters!  This will not be a normal section of my website!  I tried to organize them by lines of fabrics.  There are more to list – but if you see something you like, grab it now – because most of the prints only have 1 available and at this price they will not last. **Update:  Wow – they are selling fast!  I will get more up soon!**

One more thing- since I appear to be under the impression that I am that big fabric website – I decided to offer free shipping on all US orders over $35.  Use the code FRENZY at checkout.

 I’m not sure how long this frenzy will last – I guess until I can sleep soundly at night again so I hope to see you all online soon.   :-) 

Red Letter Day Feather

PS.  Just incase you don’t know already.  Here is a little info on Fat Quarters. A fat quarter is made by cutting a half yard (18 inches) in half vertically. (All that I have listed are 18 inches by 22 inches)  This gives you a larger usable area than if you cut a strip that was a quarter yard (9 inches x 44 inches) – especially when you consider many of the prints the fabrics today have on them! Many patterns are written to take advantage of Fat Quarter Cuts and it’s also a great way to sample a fabric before buying a larger amount.

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  1. Hi!

    I’m interested in placing an order for some fabric on your website. I was curious if the code FRENZY is still valid for Free Shipping in the US for orders > $35?



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