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I am going to carry some patterns by Fledge / Studio Tantrum. They are European patterns – which means that you have to trace off the pattern pieces and add seam allowances. (Most people I know choose to trace boutique patterns anyway so that they can use all the sizes over and over again!) The patterns are kid friendly with a great sense of style.

What really drew me to them was how customizable they are. The pattern instructions are a quite general, so it helps if you have some sewing under your belt and understand basic construction. On the Farbenmix site, they have tons of design examples, and I’m also only including patterns that have instruction sheets in English and  Sew-A-Longs in English. I’ve linked those in the listings on my website. I decided to pick out a few patterns that I have been wanting to try and we’ll go from there.

Downtown Tucson

This weekend I was able to sew my very first Feliz….and it won’t be my last!  Feliz means happy in Spanish,  so I wanted the Feliz dress to have a Spanish vibe.  I envisioned something that you could wear to a party.  (The parties are always grand and always fun!)  I needed bright festive colors and patterns.  This fabric immediately came to mind.  

It is called Beatrice Dream and is by Michael Miller fabrics.  I used it for the overdress.  The under dress is Fuschia Ta Dot.

And the bustle on the back of the underdress are other Ta Dots from the Jewel Tones line.  I used Bubblegum, Celery, Lagoon and Tangerine.

Water feature

I added a bottom tier to the underdress that I gathered only in the back with the rest of the ruffles. And since my serger is still getting fixed, I decided to use the premade Bias Trim from Michael Miller. I love the result!  (But I can’t wait to get my serger back to my seams don’t have to be zig zagged!) 

Christmas is just around the corner, (really!) so I plan to make her Christmas dress from this pattern.  I think I’ll leave off the ruffles on the back and the extra bottom tier.  I’ll also possibly applique something on the over dress.  It will have a completely different feel!  I can hardly wait!  And I’ve picked out the fabrics I want to use for the Redondo and Laguna patterns too.  I doubt I’ll have time before I leave for Quilt Market.

The patterns are listed here.  I really do hope you will love them as much I already do!  Just thinking about all the possibilities makes me happy – so use the code Happy for 15% off all patterns this week.   :-)

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  1. WOW!!! So beautiful. I love the colors and fabrics you chose. Lovely!!!

  2. Wow, I am in the process of making my first Feliz for my daughter’s birthday! Your choice of fabrics are amazing!!

  3. Beautiful! I love the brightly colored ruffles. You did an amazing job!

  4. Oh wow that is just gorgeous! How long do you think it took you? I dunno if I’d have the patience for that. I’m in awe.

    • You’re too sweet! It took me about 6 hours. Plus I read through the sew-along a couple times before starting. I think the next one I make will go faster since I know what I’m doing. Although if I add some applique or embroidery then that’ll slow it down. Trillium Design has a sew along on her blog that is broke down into 4 sections that are all very manageable!

  5. I looked at all the flickr pictures yesterday and also LOVED it. What a fun dress!! Haley is such a blessed little girl! :)

  6. Your fabric choices are SO spot on. WHat a great looking dress!

  7. That is beautiful! Is that Haley running in the middle pic? That looks so professional. I thought it was a picture from the pattern cover! Really, just beautiful!

    • Yep. She was running up the stairs. And I love the way she is holding the overdress with her hand. :-) I could have tweaked a bit in photoshop but that would mean opening the program. LOL Excited to see you soon!

  8. Do you know where I can purchase the Feliz Party Dress pattern? Have been looking for quite awhile now and cannot locate a pattern.
    Anyone know? Please let me know.

    • Hi Aleta! The Feliz pattern is no longer in print. You can find it as part of the book by Nancy Langdon called “Sewing Clothes Kids Love” Hope that helps!


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