Aug 112010

Aunt Heather took us to Sealife up in Tempe while she was visiting.  I figured the least I could do was make the girls cute dresses to wear while we were there. 😉   And what better fabric for visiting an aquarium than Patty Young’s Gold Fish?  I ask you that!

Since we were short on time, I used the KISS method when planning the outfits.  The two dresses took 1.25 yard of fabric (3/4 for Haley’s – 1/3 for Leah’s) and less than 2 hours to make.  Some elastic thread and wa-la.  Two dresses for the aquarium!

(The lighing inside was not ideal for photographs – but here are a few more photos!)

  4 Responses to “Fishy Fishy”

  1. I love it there & the dresses are too cute!!!!! :)


  2. How awesome is that! I love that fabric so fun! And wow 1 yard and less than 2 hours. You are amazing. I always find a way to turn the simplest projects into all day affairs.


  3. The goldfish dresses are perfect for a trip to the aquarium! I love that fabric and your girlies are darling!


  4. Very sweet dresses.


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