Mar 162011
Flip Side with Just Wing It

Flip Side with Just Wing It

I have to thank Rebecca for inspiring this quilt!  And I have to say I SUPER SUPER love it!

Pattern: Flip Side

Fabric: Just Wing It Jelly Rolls and Bella Basics White Fabric

Kit: Available here!

The quilt went together very quickly.  I worked on the quilt for a total of 4 days.  The last day was hand sewing the binding in place. Fast!  I do believe this is a quilt that could be done over a week if you stay focused. 😉  Here is how it can broken down. None of the steps were super long. Probably day 2 was the longest.  (Although I am slow at hand stitching the binding in place also!)

Day 1: Sort my jelly roll into dominate colors and cut all the pieces to size. (I also sewed 2 blocks together so I could get a feel for how they went together!)

Day 2: Sew remaining blocks together.  I chain pieced them – which I think helps save time.  What is chain piecing? (Each piece has a letter associated with it)  I sewed all my A’s to my B’s in a row without stopping and cutting the thread each time.  Then clip the thread in between and press. Next I added all the C and so on and so forth.

Day 3: Add sashing/boarders so your quilt top is done! Yay! And prepare backing and binding. (I used left over jelly roll strips…more on that in a minute)

Day 4: Baste back, batting and quilt top.  Quilt as desired (I used all over free motion)

Day 5: Add binding!  (and wash if you want!)

Flip Side Front

Whole Top of Flip Side Quilt

Okay! The pattern calls for 2 jelly rolls and white yardage for the sashing and borders as well as yardage for the binding and center little accent squares.  Problem is the yardage isn’t available for this yet…and I needed to have it done like yesterday.  (Love those emails…’remember, you said you were doing this? I need that by Friday!’) You will have left over jelly rolls strips. SO I used mine for the accent squares (red), on the back (which can save you on the yardage required for the back if you plan ahead) AND I used mine to make the binding. Therefore, I did NOT have enough left over to make the smaller quilt that is included in the pattern….but over all the cost of the one quilt has gone down!

The back fabric is from Patty Young’s Mezzanine line – It’s the clover dot in aqua. I also LOVED the Limeade Chain Flower from Sandi Henderson but in the end decided the person I’m giving this too will like the aqua better.  I’m pretty fond of how the back turned out.  I’ll have a picture of me holding it up soon. :-) It is a very fun spring and summer quilt!

Flip Side Back Quilt

Back of Flip Side Just Wing It Quilt

So there you have it! My finished Flip Side Quilt. :-) And I have to say, finishing this one quilt has totally given me the bug again. And I have to say, finishing this one quilt has totally given me the bug again. Oh wait, I already said that. 😉 Ahem… Maybe I’ll manage to get a quilt made for some people for Christmas this year!

Kits available here for this amazing Flip Side Quilt!

(PS. A few of sample pre-cuts from Moda have arrived for Flurry and Countdown to Christmas even tho they aren’t officially released until May. VERY limited amounts! And last year’s prices on them too!)

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  1. even though i have the original central park version, i want a just wing it version too.
    i’m spoiled like that.


    Melanie Reply:

    I agree, you should have one. and in other future collections too :-)


  2. Beautiful. How do you do it? You seem to create so much.


    Melanie Reply:

    thanks! I don’t clean my house. 😉


  3. Looks fabulous! :)


  4. It’s beautiful! Great job, Melanie!


  5. That is just beautiful.


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