May 102011

I’m heading out to Salt Lake for Quilt Market.  It’s always great to see a bunch of my friends in the industry that “get it”  and honestly, it’s somewhat stressful too!  There is SO much information that has to be processed – ideas mapped out and executed!   Anyway while I’m away, I’m having a HUGE sale on the website!  So that is fun for you too, right?

As part of my banner and side bar, I decided I needed something Quilt Market related.  While martinis, shoes and swollen feet were among the top suggestions, I figured a quilt was the more obvious answer. 😀

I know that I have blogged about this quilt a LONG LONG LONG time ago.  (I’m feeling very exited – using tons of ! and all cap letters.  sorry! 😉  )  Anyway I wanted to share it again today….in part because the panel I used is part of the sale!  (And only $3.99 at that!)

This may have been the first quilt that I “free motion” quilted.  It has some wonkiness to the stitches, but hey – guess what – almost 2 years later it is still being used and loved!  And that really is the point, right?  I used this free pattern from Robert Kaufman.  Only, as you can see, I inadvertently put one of the center strips upside down. :-)  I don’t really care though, as I said before – it is used and loved.

Anywho….that is the quilt on my graphic. Now you know.  Of course, now the panel is all that remains of the fabrics I used.

So now – go shop the sales!  And I’ll be back with more market stuff later.

OH!  And if you’re in the Tucson (or southern Arizona) area, I’m having an after market party on May 21st at 6pm to show you everything I saw and GIVE AWAY tons of stuff!!!  (I’m even having some fun bags made up so everyone goes home with some great stuff!)  I have to have people register by May 18th so I know how much food to buy!

And since this is the first year I’m doing this, you can come for free!!! – use the code MARKET and you’ll get a gift certificate for $9.99 back.  That way I have a head count! :-)  Register here!

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  1. wish i lived closer I would be there with bells on sounds like a lot of fun!


    Melanie Reply:

    Yes, I wish ID were closer too!


  2. Lovely quilt.


  3. I’m visiting here from Knitty Bitties. I hope you have a great time at the Market!


  4. I found your blog through Knitty Bitties and am a new follower! Love the quilt! I hope to make a quilt.. one day. :)


  5. I found your blog and shop via Stop Staring and Start Sewing. I’m always excited when I find something online that is actually in Tucson! I’m signing up for your after market party.

    Your quilt is lovely by the way!



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