Aug 182011

I’ve wanted to make Heather Bailey’s Jack & Jill Lunch tote with some of the laminated fabrics so I could blog more about sewing with laminates (not scary, by the way! The new laminates are so great!) And then Jennifer sent me a yard of her beautiful laminated fabric! And I thought “Oh goodie! (yeah, I stay things like that in my head) I can test out the pattern by making myself a lunch tote with this beautiful sophisticated fabric.”

You know what happened?  (well the title gives it away!) Haley stole my lunch bag. (I had planned to make Haley one with some of the super cute Riley Blake laminated fabrics.) She loooooooves this one so much she begged me to let it be her lunch tote this year.  I can’t really resist that little girl.  :-)  So off she went with the lunch tote!  And all her friends loved it too.  So she told them I can probably make them one too. Ha!

I will be making some more of these with the laminated fabrics.  I used laminated for inside and out.  Since there is no interfacing or fusible fleece on the laminated version (can not use an iron-on with the laminated fabric) it doesn’t hold it’s shape as well as I would like.  I was thinking about sewing Insul-bright into bag….which would not only help insulate (we also put an icepack into the lunches daily) but maybe also give it a bit more shape.  What do you think?

I’ll let you know what I figure out!  The bag really is cute with fun gathering and a rolled top.  I like it.  Now the question is, if I make another, will Haley steal it too?  Maybe she’ll give me this one back! ;-)

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  1. Cute! I made the Favorite Things lunch tote with laminate just on the inside and Insulbrite. It keeps my frozen lunches nearly frozen till lunchtime, and keeps my cold leftovers nice and cold, too.

  2. I would’ve taken it too!! It’s really beautiful and I think your Insul-bright idea is a good one. Oh, and her dress is darling too!!

    • Thanks! Also she wore your skirt on the first day of school. :-) (Along with more SisBoom of course!) Most of her wardrobe is handmade and right now she thinks that is really cool. :-)

  3. It’s adorable! Love the color of that fabric.

  4. I’m wondering about interfacing as well! I am making a beach bag with laminate on the outside and it’s going to be pretty large and I’m unsure if it will keep it’s shape at all. I like your idea of using insul-brite for the lunch bag and I think it will help keep the bag’s shape. Good thinking!

    • @April @ sewing novice: I would say that if you’re not using laminate on the inside and out, you could use a layer of fusible interfacing on the regular fabric (the lining in your case?) Let me know how it turns out!

  5. Oh my goodness that is a great bag! And of course she has great taste in fabric too:)

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