Oct 282010

Julia recently made the Hippy Chick skirt and sent along these wonderful pictures and review of the pattern!


I thought the pattern was great…especially considering it wasn’t a “cut-out” pattern.  Usually the measurement-only patterns freak me out (precision doesn’t rank high on my list of important things), but this one was concise. The directions were great, and are well suited to those who have a basic knowledge sewing.

I made no changes to the pattern, but next time I’d choose a different decorative stitch to do…mine sucked up thread like it was going out of style.  I’d never done decorative stitches on anything before, so now I know that “decorative stitching” is simply code-word for “get ready to wind that bobbin a ga-gillion times.”

I would recommend this pattern…the two skirts it offers are great.  And it seems to be easily modified to suit any style.


Thanks, Julia!

Julia used fabrics from Basic Grey’s Origins collection.  I just love it!  I will have some more pictures of my skirt for you before too long.  I made a couple minor changes to the pattern when I sewed it (I’ll share more details when I share more pictures) – but as Julia said, one great thing about this pattern is how suitable it is to modifications!

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  1. OMG, I totally know Julia!! Great job on the skirt! I may need to buy this now…


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