Mar 182011

I’m going to stop working long enough this weekend to actually get our family pictures printed, put into frames, and onto our walls.  I have this awesome FAMILY word with pictures (each picture is a letter. I don’t know what that is officially called) that my sister gave me and I have the perfect spot for it. Surrounded by pictures of our kids and our family. It’ll be awesome if I ever get it done!

this weekend, this weekend, this weekend, this weekend (that’s for myself)

ANYWAY, looking through our photo shoot, (auditioning pictures for the wall) I was reminded of how funny my littlest guy can be without even trying! These pictures aren’t going to make the wall, but they made me smile. :-)

  10 Responses to “How does he REALLY feel?”

  1. This makes me lol for reals! Tay is great!! Post pictures of your finished wall — can’t wait to see it!!! And can’t wait to get my pictures.

  2. Ha! He is hilarious! I love these photos. You have such a beautiful family!

  3. hehe that is pretty funny, what a beautiful family:)

  4. He is pretty danged hilarious! =)

  5. I love em all, even when he is tired :)

  6. So funny!

  7. Awe! And bahahaha!! I think you should do acollage of these for him!

  8. LMAO! Phrases fit to a tee!

  9. Hilarious post…thanks for the early morning laugh. :)

  10. Melanie!

    Love the picture and the captions for your kids facial expression. Priceless !


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