May 092011

As I said, I made up the Kyoko top.  And Oh My Gosh.  I LOVE it!  It’s SUPER SUPER SUPER comfy.

I used some Knit from Michael Miller – Ta Dot in Onyx.  From the time I put the fabric into the washing machine to the time I tried it on (and fell in love) was just at 4 hours.  That’s pretty quick when you consider that includes the washing and drying!  (which you MUST do with knit because it does shrink!)  I used my serger for all of it except putting in the elastic.  My next goal is to insert the elastic with the serger so I don’t have to switch machines at all!

I want to reassure you, however, that EVEN IF you don’t own a serger, YOU CAN MAKE THIS!  With knits or wovens!  Now that I have my pattern pieces traced out and ready to go, and have made it once so I’m familiar with the steps, I figure that the assembly of this top could be cut down to about an hour.  Which is good, because I plan on making one for every single day of the week. :-)  I’ll do some 3/4 sleeves, long sleeves for winter.  I’m going to test out the dress which i just think will be so crazy comfortable for summer….even though it means I’ll have to show my legs.  I usually wear jeans…even when it’s 102 outside.

Anyway, I highly recommend the pattern!!!  It can be made in either knit or woven – and I think it will be delightful with Voile.  When buying knit- be sure to buy 1/4 yd – 1/2 yd EXTRA to allow for shrinkage. I also added a little crochet flower to the shirt just for fun.

PS. Happy belated Mother’s Day to many of you!  I hope your day was extra wonderful!

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  1. Did you go down a size in the pattern because every tine I have used the patty young knits they stretch out horribly!?!?!

    • Not for this pattern. If you are using a “woven” pattern and switching it to knit, I do recommend going down a size. Likewise, if you’re taking a knit pattern and using woven instead (which you can’t do quite as easily) then I recommend going up a size when using woven. This pattern, however, is made with the stretch in mind, and I found it to be true to size. (made a medium, which is what I’d buy in the store) Hope that kinda helps!

  2. This looks like it could make a great maternity top with a few modifications. Would this be easy to do, do you think?

    • I think this could make a great maternity top. This is what I would do (and I’ll ask Patty what she thinks when I see her this week)

      I would leave the bodice pieces and the back of the ‘skirt’ portion the same. I would increase the front ‘skirt’ panel….maybe by 1.5?!? (that’s the part I would play around with using muslin or fabric you hate from your stash to get an idea of how full the panel ends up). Then rather than using elastic on the front, I would put gathering stitches and attach it to the front bodice that way.

      I think tha would give you extra fullness without being too bulky! If you make it, I would LOVE to see!!!

      • Oh and one of my friends suggested adding a little length to the front panel so that it doesn’t creep up as you grow bigger! I thought that was a good idea!

  3. Melanie,
    When you made this, did you use bias tape around the neckline? The little girl’s pattern calls for it but not sure if the adult size does. Or did you turn it under and topstitch? This pattern looks really comfy and I want to try it but think I will make for my granddaughters first.LOL

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