Apr 262011
Jacqui made up the Annabeth Skirt for her little girl!   She wrote up a fun review with some cute pictures below. :-)
If any of you are familiar with me via my blog or twitter – @jmmaxman or facebook –(well, ya gotta know me to know ‘real’ name and know me on Facebook!) then you know that I have a wee little monster that just turned two. Let me tell you, kids, TIME FLIES!
I seriously remember sitting in the hospital wishing everyone
would leave so I could snuggle my baby –
She was so tiny!
Now that she is TWO (still shocked to read that!) she loves to wear skirts with pants. HER idea. She is WAYY to smart for her own good.
In Mel’s store AboveAllFabric patterns from Noodles & Milk have been on sale during the month of April.  (SEEE?!??? I LUCKED OUT!) I chose the Annabeth skirt for the wee little monster.
I actually made two versions, but we will get to that in a bit!
The very first thing I did was read the pattern thoroughly – or so I thought. I read through it, then page by page, I followed the instructions. When I got to the VERY last part – attaching the bottom ruffle – I was stumped. How did SO much ruffle go on such a little skirt!?!?? So, I did some scrambling and re-reading.
I goofed.
Instead of cutting two main skirt panels, I only cut one.
I panicked.
Then I breathed.
Then I finished attaching the ruffle.
That next morning I tried it on the wee little monster
And she wouldn’t take it off.
So the real test came on Sunday when we went to the zoo –
Would it hold up to the monster running and playing with her Aunties and Cousins at the zoo?
Lets just say that it was a HIT!
We had people stopping us to ask where I bought it –
you shoulda seen the looks on their faces when I said I made it… PRICELESS!
Would I make it again?
I actually did make two.
{Unfortunately I’m a bad mommy and forgot to grab the
camera before leaving the house to take pictures at the event}
Would I recommend for others?
The directions were well written,
Clear and Concise
The photos were INCREDIBLY helpful.
The ONLY issue I had
(well besides reading the cutting instructions incorrectly…)
was with the ruffle – it was ALOT of pressing without having a serger.
Can a beginner make this skirt?
It is a super cute design that made me feel like a million bucks when I finished it!
The pattern allows for multiple sizes and it is the perfect length for wearing
with a shirt solo or with a pair of pants underneath.
We will be making more as the wee little monster grows!
Thank you again to Melanie for letting me play!!
Thank you, Jacqui!
For her Annabeth skirt, she used the Persimmon Splashy Rose Corduroy and the wonderful Tangerine Ta Dot for the waist and ruffle.
All Noodles & Milk patterns are on sale the rest of the month! :-)  And another pattern review tomorrow!

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