Jun 102009

Last fall when I attended Quilt Market for the first time, I went to get a better understanding of the industry to which I belonged.  Of course, I placed orders with companies, but I knew I wasn’t looking to expand at that point.  Our house was almost finished and I didn’t know how much room I could realistically occupy in the new home.

This year, I made appointments with all the usual reps, but I also went looking for a couple new companies.  And I found a few great ones!  I’m anxious to share them with you when they arrive!  Just Dreamy arrived over week ago.  (I know it’s taken me a while to blog about this.  I have to confess that I have really been enjoying my children during the day.  I’m trying not to sit at the computer all day – which has made for many many late nights…and at 3 a.m. when I have time to blog, I choose to  sleep instead!)

 Just Dreamy Fabric

Just Dreamy is produced by Riley Blake.  (They have several fun lines coming out!  I hope I get to order them as well…it’ll all depend on how well this line does!)  A  good friend of mine said “Hey, that is scrapbook paper.”  So with a little research I found out that this was  first produced on paper by My Minds Eye.  Well, now it’s on fabric too!  I would love for you to take a look at their website and let me know what you think about the other lines that will be coming out!

This is not the last time you will see Just Dreamy on my blog…so please do check back in every now and again to see something fabulous and fun that was made from this fabric.  In the meantime, you can find all the prints of this fun fabric in my store.

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  1. You definitely got the cutest line. My next favorite would be Bloom and grow. Cute stuff! And hooray for expansion. I may have to surf the web and give you some more ideas!! :o)


  2. Blog is very very interesting and the lines you have used is simple nice…. yeah surely I will go throw the site for the more lines of you….


  3. I LOVE this new line! I came across it last night while surfing the net for fabric and I bought a bunch of it. I didn’t realize you had it in your store or I would have bought it from you!!! I will next time. I can’t wait to get it and make something with it. I send you pictures!


    Melanie Reply:

    I love it too! And I have a really fun project to share with everyone later this week. :-)


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