Dec 182008

My list of “have to’s” is getting shorter and shorter!  The jammies for Christmas Eve are done.  :-)

I’m debating putting an applique onto Kyle’s shirt.  It’s not on my “have to” list – so I doubt it will get done before Christmas.  I stopped by JoAnn’s for some elastic and that cute transportation knit just happened to fall in my cart.   😉    Lucky for me, it’s perfect for my little guy!   Pictures of them in their jammies in one week!


(in case you didn’t realize!)

  5 Responses to “Kids Christmas PJs”

  1. One week? I haven’t even started to get ready!


  2. Great job! That’s what I’ve got to do tomorrow, too. 4 pairs of pj pants and some sleepers for my grandson!


  3. The jammies look great!
    And I love the video of Haley singing at their preschool program :)
    More later,
    Love you all,


  4. Wow! That is a big project! I’m embarrassed to say that mine are store bought. Good for you!


  5. I recently found your blog and I am enjoying looking throught the archives. I didn’t get any pajamas made for my little ones this year, but I have in the past. My question is, when you applique on the pj shirts, do you put anything over the wrong side of the shirt to cover the wrong side of the applique? My kids complain about the applique being “scratchy.” It’s not an issue when the applique is on a sweatshirt, because they ususally wear a t-shirt underneath. Maybe a different type of thread in the bobbin would be softer? Thanks in advance for your advice.


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