Apr 102009

After making the kitchen set for the school auction, I thought to myself

“Wo – man, you need some new kitchen stuff too.”

And so I made myself some new kitchen towels!

Target supplied the organic kitchen towels, I just added the cute fabric along one side.

Super Fast!

Super Fun!

Super Fabulous!

The fabrics are (from front to back):

Aqua Playful Paisley from Farmer’s Market by Sandi Henderson
Navy Deco Rose from Daisy Chain by Amy Butler
Cookies and Cream by Timeless Treasures
Pink Medallion Bloom from Farmer’s Market by Sandi Henderson
Spring Pomegranate Seeds from Farmer’s Market by Sandi Henderson

One may say, if they were speculating such things, that I like Sandi Henderson’s fabric.

I do.  It’s true. 😮

You see the Cookies and Cream fabric?

It’s adorable, don’t you think?

Start thinking of projects to use this Cookies and Cream fabric

Don’t share your ideas quite yet…

Check back soon though for a sweet little contest!

  7 Responses to “Kitchen Towels”

  1. Those are adorable! I didn’t realize that Target sold organic kitchen towels- and of course now that I know, I’ll have to go get some.


    Melanie Reply:

    Fun, huh?! They come in a 4 pack and are called Barmop Kitchen Towels. :-)


  2. Hmmmm…. I love that fabric! In fact, I just ate an Oreo. I may have to find myself some of that somewhere.


    Melanie Reply:

    You know…I have it for sale. 😉


  3. I’ve been thinking of making myself some cute little towels too. Yours are so sweet & I love your ironing board cover as well. You’re stuff is always so bright and eye-catching. Love it!


  4. […] That little contest is still comin’ up.  I’ve just been obsessed with cinnamon rolls and bokeh lately.  […]

  5. Just found your cute blog. I’m loving it and all of the fabric! I think that I just might have to try that the cinnamon roll recipe. It looks divine!


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