Dec 222012

Every year I vow that I will not still be sewing on Christmas Eve but stuff happens and there I am sewing like a mad woman by the light of the Christmas tree. Every. Single. Year. and this year will not be an exception. Oh well, I’ll just start calling it a “tradition” and all will be good.

I think one of the things that trips me up is trying to find things that I want to make. Pinterest has been an incredible help but I still find that I’m Googling tutorials late into the night. Often I will think of an idea but then promptly forget what it was I wanted to make. Isn’t getting old fun?!

I decided I’d start a go-to list of ideas, tutorials, and patterns that make great gifts. Some I’ve made (and loved) before; others I’m sure I will make one day. This list will be ever growing as I find new gift ideas. (I put an * by the ones I’ve made.)

Last Minute Gift Ideas to Sew

 For Kids:For Kids

For Teens:

Gift Ideas for Teens to Sew

For Mom:

Gift Ideas to Make for Mom

For Dad:

Gift Ideas to Make for Dad

Hope this helps give you some ideas as to what you can make last minute for the people in your life. As I said before, this will be an ever growing, ever evolving list. A great reference for when you need to make a gift last minute.

Happy Sewing!


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