Sep 012011

So I guess August is over – hmmmm – that means it’s September!

SEPTEMBER! It’s going to be a good month

  • it’s national sewing month!
  • it’s my birthday month!!!  (I know exactly what I want this year! Crossing my fingers it can happen!)
  • Football returns!
  • Labor Day weekend! (My husband will be home!!!! triple YAY!)
  • Fall starts! (September 23rd officially but here in Tucson it’ll be like Nov 23rd 😉 )
  • I’m reading Proverbs! (several of us are doing a chapter a day and will use the hashtag #readproverbs on twitter if you want to join in)

See! All exciting things – thus the extensive use of the exclamation point. :-)

The kit this month is going to be these super super cute skirts – great for getting back into sewing after a summer break because they come together so quickly! Plus they are great to freshen up the back to school wardrobes. 😀 I still need to set up the list – so watch for a dedicated post for the kit.  (and yes, I missed August…but it’s okay! See below)

The title of the post comes from the first chapter of Proverbs.  Reading it this month is going to be a huge blessing to me. Do you listen?  I think this can apply to so many areas of your life.  Do you listen…to your body? to your husband? to your children?

I wear myself out easily trying to do it all, all by myself, all the time.  I have listened to this idea that we have to do (and have) everything all the time and right away.  This can’t be my truth.  Not as a wife or a mom and not as a store owner either.  I can only do a little bit.  I don’t have to have it all.  I have other areas of my life that I need to listen to. I’ve known this for a long time now – but putting it to practice and being okay with it is another thing.

The month of August has been a good one for me – I’ve stopped working at night all together.  No orders – no email.  Extremely limited online presence.  And I feel rested.  I feel connected with my children.  I feel like my husband and I are on the same page. (And he’s thrilled because it means he no longer gets roped into helping me cut orders.)  We have actually had home cooked meals every single night besides one.  ONE night of pizza.  Not always fancy – but always together. (And always with milk. Do your kids drink milk daily?)

I am “acquiring a disciplined and prudent life, doing what is right and just and fair.”  I am “giving prudence to the simple.”  I’m trying to be wise and listen.

  8 Responses to “Let the wise listen”

  1. Good post, Melanie! Sounds like you’re getting things in order in your house!! Have a great week!


  2. Thanks for sharing this, Melanie. I hope September is truly wonderful for you, and I pray God blesses you in knowing him more deeply as you read through Proverbs. I’ve been especially encouraged and challenged the last few weeks by several verses there!


  3. wow, I’m so proud of you! what a great example you are — keep it up! :)


  4. Love this post. :) And happy birthday!! Praying you get what you’re wishing for.


  5. I feel as though I’m breathing easier FOR you!

    I have read a Proverb a day several times over the years, and I always get hit with something new. Such a great book for daily living and relationships.


  6. Just back from vacation and almost a week away from the computer. Your post was so timely as I am refreshed and wanting simplicity to take over my world! my recent FB post : ‘You can do anything, but not everything’ -David Allen’ I’ve made a SHORT list of what I want to do with my time.. time with the Lord, time with my family, photography, sewing and reading…and yes, not be online for hours anymore!
    Have a great week!


  7. OH yes, looking forward to your skirt kits!! I have two grand daughters that would look wonderful in them!


  8. I’m completely impressed with the home-cooked meals every night but one! Wowza! I need desperately to get back in the swing of things with that. With our move from TN to NY a month ago…we have done a lot of eating out. SO – what day is your bday??? I’m a “Melanie” with a September birthday too. :) The 26th to be exact. Not my 26th bday (don’t I wish ;)) but on Sept. 26th.


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