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Right at the beginning of the year I (Melanie) found out that Amy, who is the designer and owner of Kati Cupcake Pattern Company, had undergone surgery to remove several brain tumors. So working with Janet and Jen, we decided to have the monthly kit feature one of Amy’s darling patterns, the Little Urban Girl Wrap skirt. Over half of the sale price of the patterns will go to Amy and her family to use as needed in during this time. The skirt can be made from a size 12-18 months up to a girl’s size 10!

Little Urban Girl Wrap Skirt by Kati Cupcake

Haley loves loves loves these wrap skirts with the fun little ruffle and tie. She feels totally comfortable carrying on with her normal little girl life! She was so excited when she saw the fabrics and how the skirts were coming together. Even Luke gave his stamp of approval. “I like those skirts. They’re good.” The fact he voluntarily offered praise and said that they are good shows you how much he likes them. :-) I could go on and on about how adorable this skirt is…but instead, why don’t I just show you our options for the month! Both are PERFECT for spring (or wishing it was Spring!) *Reserve your kit here!*

First is Ooh La La from Pillow & Maxfield for Michael Miller Fabrics.

Little Urban Girls Wrap Skirts

This kit features Bouquet de Fleurs as the main skirt fabric. It is fun and funky and so Spring-y! With Petite Fleurs in red for the ruffle and Pirouette – Lime as the waistband tie.

I am in love with the Domestic Bliss line from Liz Scott, so I was so happy we were able to use it for our next option! It is SO sweet!

Little Urban Girl Wrap Skirt in Domestic Bliss

The main fabric is the Time for Tea print in Pink. (This would be a perfect skirt for a tea party!) with Check Lattice – Aqua as the ruffle and Kitchenette – Purple for the waistband tie.

The pattern has adorable applique options for shirts also. Or pair it with a fun scarf, some tights and boots for those of you a little further up north! The skirt can be made from a size 12-18 months all the way up to a girl’s size 10! You’ll use it over and over! Reserve your kit here!

February Kit Options

Just like before, if 25 people (or more) sign up to purchase the kit by Wednesday, February 29th, (yay for leap years!) everyone will get a discount of 25% off the pattern price and 10% off the price of the kit! But we are changing things just a little bit so PLEASE read on!

In order to accurately track the number and size of kits sold, we need you to reserve your kit on the site. (You can find them here.) The $5 cost to reserve a kit will be applied toward the cost of the kit! And if 25 kits do not pre-sell by Wednesday, February 29th, then your $5 reservation will be refunded. (So far we have always met our goal of 25 people or more…and I especially hope we don’t fall short this time, but just in case. :-) )

Little Urban Girl Wrap Skirt

Starting Wednesday, February 29th, Jen or Janet will contact you for the remaining balance and then they will get the kits out to you. AND this is an extra bonus (and something I am SO excited about!) Everyone who purchases the kit will have access to a short video clip of mine with a few hints and tips and tricks for this pattern. I want to do this, not because the pattern is difficult (It’s not! It is a great beginning project!), but because there is always a little something that can make your project go more smoothly if you know about it ahead of time! So that is my goal – to make this as enjoyable as possible for you!

Little Urban Girl Wrap Skirt in Domestic Bliss

The fabrics are limited, so go reserve your kit today!

(First reserve your kit, then tell your friends about it. 😉 Let’s sell as many of Amy’s patterns and kits as we can!)

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  1. Oh how I wish there was a little girl in my life to sew for! I would snatch one of these kits up immediately!


    Lola Pink_Jen Reply:

    Melanie did such a great job putting the kits together. Amy does make a grown-up version to for women. Maybe you could make one for you!


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