Sep 062011

So you know of my love for little vicki?  As soon as Haley tried it on, I knew we had to make another – but this time as a shirt.

Which I really really really love.  Maybe even more than the dress.  Not because the dress is any less wonderful, but because my little girl has so many dresses and skirts.  I need to add more shirts to her wardrobe.  And it’s so dang cute!!!

Haley picked out the fabric for this shirt.  It’s from Joel Dewberry’s Heirloom Collection.  She must get her exceptional taste in fabric from her mother.  😉  😉  I adore this collection!  The shirt is the paisley print and the collar, hem band, and covered buttons are the ribbon lattice print.  I love the combination in the citrine colorway too but my little girl chose pink and purple…naturally.

Translating this dress into a top was not hard.

  • First, I found a shirt of Haley’s that fit and measured how long it was.  (from shoulder seam to hem)
  • Second, I measured on the pattern from the shoulder seam down and saw that her “shirt” measurement was closest to the size 2 length.
  • Third, I used the pattern I had from making the dress, adding the new cut line for a size 2 length. I folded along this line and cut out the pattern a normal.
  • I also changed the depth of the hemband to match the size 2 pattern so it would be proportional to the length of the shirt, but did not change the length because I was still making a size 6 shirt! (I actually just cut 2 strips 7 inches x the width of the fabric and sewed them together so I knew they’d be plenty long)
  • The last change that I made when sewing this pattern as a shirt was that I did not close the middle back until after I had the hemband attached.  That was because I didn’t measure ahead of time to know the length I needed for the hemband, so this allowed me to cut any excess off before putting the seam in.

And I think that it turned out soooooo cute!

So that is my Little Vicki Remix! 😀  Don’t you love it?!?!?  Now I know that this top is still plenty big on her -and I could have traced the pattern and made her a smaller size – but I didn’t because #1: I already had the size 6 pattern ready to go.  #2: Going into cooler weather (hahahahahaha not so much here yet) I figured she could easily layer the shirt and it’ll definitely last her through winter.  And #3: Did I mention I didn’t want to retrace the pattern?  No regrets here.  I think it’s just perfect!

Pattern:  Little Vicki by Izzy & Ivy Designs

Fabric: Heirloom by Joel Dewberry

(Kits are available!)

  7 Responses to “Little Vicki Redux”

  1. Love the fabric choices…your daughter does have great taste! She’s a cutie as well!


  2. Adorable!!!


  3. Love the shirt better than the dress!


  4. If I didn’t think it would make me look preggers I’d want one for myself! It’s gorgeous! Definitely like it better as a shirt, though the dress is cute too.


  5. I love it! She looks so grown up in that outfit!


  6. Oh my goodness, that is adorable! Heirloom was the perfect choice, she really does have good taste!


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