Aug 292011

Trying to gather my thoughts here and make it more than just a bunch of rambling!  Okay, so back at quilt market, I saw this pattern at the Izzy & Ivy booth.

Super super cute dress, right?  And I saw this fabric over at the Adornit booth and I knew the two were a perfect match!  I mean how adorable are these florals? Super super fun for kids clothing! (It’s a the phone pic, but you still get the idea!)

So when Long Live Vintage arrived, I got to work! And I LOVE the dress!  Super super love it!

Haley was at school when I started this and so I didn’t measure her.  Since she is 7 years old, I made her a size 6.  The dress is plenty big and will easily be worn with a long sleeved shirt under it for winter and beyond that.  After measuring her, she fits more into the size 4 range for this pattern.  BUT I’d much rather have room to grow than be too small. :-)  The pattern goes up to a size 6…but obviously worked for my 7 year old.  Now I tell you this so if you have an older child, you know that you may be able to make this for her as well.  Remember that sewing pattern size ranges are NOT the same as store bought clothing. Look at the measurements! (And maybe I should write Haley’s down for the next time I sew while she isn’t here!)

As far as sewing the dress, I have to admit that I did freak out at one point.  You sew the lining and dress together around the arm holes, neckline and back opening. (making super nice finished edges!)  I sat there and looked at it thinking, there is no way I will be able to get this right side out.  BUT you really can! (Thanks, Jana, for calming me down!)  You just reach up through the opening (between layers) and pull the back through – and wa la – it works. :-)  I have moments like that occasionally.

The collar was super easy and fun but is also optional.  And I just love the covered buttons! (Has one on the back also)  Inspired by this version, I added a striped trim in between the hem band and the dress.  I love the accents she added! (Not part of pattern, just extras.)  I didn’t have any cording on hand which was good for me because I did not feel like messing with piping for the collar, although it’s super super cute.

And so without hesitation, I absolutely recommend this pattern. :-)  I love it so much, I even made a kit for it (with multiple fabric options of course!)

Pattern: Little Vicki by Izzy & Ivy Designs

Fabric: Long Live Vintage by Adornit

Kit available here! 😀

Later this week, I’ll share a little more about this pattern and what else I did. LOVE it too!

  7 Responses to “Little Vicki Review”

  1. What an adorable dress.. and I love your fabric choices too. May have to give this one a try for a little friend of mine! :)


    Melanie Reply:

    Thanks, Sandy! It is a fun little dress!


  2. Oh, Melanie, this is so gorgeous! Hayley looks adorable in it :)
    I love the Long Live Vintage fabric too.


    Melanie Reply:

    Thanks! It is such fun fabric. I’m dying to use the little grey floral with the orange plaid (one of the fabric combos) Just trying to decide if I should do another little vicki or something else!


  3. That dress turned out SO cute. My 5yo is finally starting to like wearing dresses! I think I may give this one a shot…thanks for sharing!


    Melanie Reply:

    It’s a fun one! and not hard too. Haley is 7 and I am lucky that she is totally girly – loves dresses and skirts!!! She used to throw a fit when she had to wear pants (or shorts) and I’m thankful we have moved passed that. :-) I’ll be sad when she doesn’t want to wear dresses or skirts any more and hoping it’s not any time soon.


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