Mar 252009

I have a finished project to share with you really really soon – but first I had to hop on here and show you Wonderland.  I fell in love with it at Quilt Market.  And the Twill – oh the twill is so nice. (Honestly, it’s some of the only fabric that I have really really wanted to NOT list for sale. Please don’t tell the other fabrics…it might hurt their feelings. But most of them are going to be reprinted – and this, well once it’s gone it’s gone!  I’ve got to start sewing pronto to make sure I can use these prints.) Wonderland is wonderful!

  2 Responses to “Living in my wonderland”

  1. love it!! reminds me of scrapbook paper :)


  2. I have been drooling over this fabric – I must get some to hold and cuddle and love :)


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