Jun 152011

So a long long time ago….I mean a LONG LONG time ago…..I posted a really quick tutorial on how to make a self binding blanket.  It seemed so easy in my mind (probably because I had made so many of them at the time) that I did not take a lot of time to add in tons of pictures nor did I draw out illustrations.  Those of you who have done tutorials know how much time and energy they take!  It’s a lot.  There is a reason people sell patterns for money.

However – what was easy in my mind has not made any sense what-so-ever in most normal people’s mind – BUT I really want you to know how to make this blanket.  SO today I finally finished a video tutorial that hopefully SHOWS you how to make the blanket.  Once you’ve done it, you’ll see that it’s not hard at all!

I suggest that you download the (really poorly illustrated) tutorial IN ADDITION TO watching the video - and hopefully the two of them together will make just a little teeny tiny bit more sense.


And see the video here:

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  1. Sweet! If only I had this for the blanket I already made. ;)

  2. Great!!! Thanks so much I have three baby blankets to make and I have three yards of the dimple minky and now I just need some cute pattern fabric. Again thanks so much I needed an idea of what to make.

  3. EXCELLENT tutorial, Melanie! I love that it’s a video from start to finish. I’ve actually seen blankets like these in my LQS and my friend (who is a seamstress) and I stared at them for probably 20 minutes trying to figure it out! I’ve already emailed her your youtube video!

  4. Look at you go! When are you going to have your own sewing show? Nicely done. And I love the kids laughter in the background. It would have been yelling over here. :)

    • yeah, I probably would have stopped and reshot if it had been yelling! In my mind I was like, okay I said not to come in the room but I didn’t say don’t make noise so I can’t get mad! :-)

  5. Very cool – thanks!

  6. Great tutorial! Thanks! I will use this tute this weekend making quilt/blankets for the NICU at the local hospital.


  7. AWESOME job. VERY clear. =) Thanks, lovey!

  8. you are so cute.

  9. Fabulous video tutorial Melanie! Loved it.

  10. Loved the kids video debut! Great tutorial – I’ve referenced your old tutorial many times- just good to have you holding my hand before i mess somethimg up. Thank you. Thank you!

  11. […] to send off tomorrow to Ken's cousins who just had a baby boy. I used Melanie @ Above All Fabric's Magic Blanket tutorial, and a piece of Minky and some brown Riley Blake cotton. I forgot how much Minky slips around. Even […]

  12. Hi, would this technique work with a rectangle sized blanket, or only with a square?


  13. Lovely video, Thank you! Can I make this into a bed sheet for my son or is the ratio important to make this work?

  14. I have watched and watched this video and I still don’t get it! I love to sew and have made many quilts but am so frustrated with this “simple” blanket it has taken the fun out of sewing for me. I am using two pieces of flannel but when I get my sides done, the corners of the larger fabric are off and will not form a perfect triangle. I have wasted so much material trying to re-do. Can you help me?

    • Theresa, although I have not made the blanket yet, I just wanted to say that you may be overthinking it. I’m guilty of overthinking things on a daily basis. I was definitely overthinking this while reading the tutorial. One piece of fabric is evenly around larger than the other fabric. When you pin each side starting from the center point, then sew, the excess fabric “makes” the binding. When you do the corner tricks, that forms your corners. I hope this explanation may help you a little.

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