Apr 272009

This weekend (I’m reclaiming my weekends by the way) I made several things!  Yay for sewing!  One project was a new bag for me to take to Market.  It is from a Melly & Me pattern, Meadow.

I used prints from Moda’s Wonderland and Michael Miller’s Andalucia – plus Amy Butler on the inside.

  • Tweedle Dum (light floral)
  • Pepper (Polka Dot)
  • Kiwi Jester (Green Harlequin)
  • Espresso Pod Ditz (Brown Floral)
  • Grey Wallflower (inside of bag)

I like how it turned out.  And the whole time I was sewing it, I talked to myself in an Australian accent – so that was pretty fun.  (Melly & Me is an Australian company…in case you didn’t know.)  The instructions were well written and easy to follow.  (Just FYI, Australians sew in inches, so you don’t have to convert everything to centimeters!)

The only change I made was adding a zippered pocket to the inside.  I figured that a secured area in a bag this large is always a nice option.  Zippered pockets are easy to add.  I might get around to showing you how some day.  ;-)

On a related note, my husband has asked if he could be a guest blogger.  He would like to show you all the bags I have and take a vote on if I am out of control.  :-)

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  1. Love it! And, how funny is your husband! (I’d vote against him, by the way, you really can’t have too many bags!)

  2. Funny!… I’d love to see the bags.
    This one is really cute!

  3. CUTE! I love your choice of fabrics. Re: husband… how many tools does he have? Same thing..just saying!

  4. Not the same…each one of my tools has a specific use. I do not own 57 hammers! (Although, I do really like hammers…if she surprised me with a new hammer every time she made a bag, I might “forget” how many she already owns)

  5. I think hubby is jealous b/c he doesn’t get to carry around awesome, good-looking bags like this. :)

  6. I wanna see the bags! I feel so left out!

  7. Love the bag!! Maybe you should make one for him so he knows how awesome they are!

  8. Perfect! Love it!

  9. I would love to hear what hubby has to say. Share your blog space girl :) :)

  10. Would have loved to hear that Australian accent! Also, I say let hubby have the keyboard…

    • I’m not ready for a cinematic debut with the Australian accent…so you might have a little wait on that one. :-) I, however, can tell you that I use the word Mum and pram a lot.

      Maybe when I’m out of town, my better half can take care of the blog too…we’ll see if he’s really up for it!

  11. Cute bag! I want to see more. I really don’t think you can have too many.

  12. That’s one pretty cute bag! I’ve been watchin Masterpiece Theater on Sunday nights and when I’m done I’m speaking in a British accent. Strangely, hubby doesn’t want to join me!!

  13. Already told you this, but I love that bag! I really must make myself one!

  14. I too love bags and making bags. My Hubby calls me the “Bag Lady”. He is awfully proud of the fact that his router and table cost more than my embroidery sewing machine. I’ve also been called the “Gadget Goddess”, love my tools too. We can never have too many bags, one for each outfit, one for each mood, one for each day of the week, one for each purpose (knitting, crocheting, wool craft, hand applique, fabric painting, china painting, accessories for each sewing machine, need I keep going), and a few dozen just because. Keep making bags.

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