May 052011

Okay guys – I love quilts and all – but I started having a mild panic attack tonight.  I feel like I’ve been overtaken by quilts.  I mean, gosh, I am loving quilts.  But I make clothes. That is what I do.

I make clothes.

I was in serious identity crisis mode – quilts this, quilts that…Where have all my clothes gone? ;-)   So after catching up on orders, I threw some fabric into the wash to make myself a shirt.  And the panic attack subsided just thinking about it.  Wanna see what I’m making?!?!?

Patty‘s new pattern – the Kyoko Misses’ top!

Here is Marie‘s cute top!

And Melanie‘s (doesn’t she have the BEST name! ;-)  )

I can’t wait to finish mine!!!  In fact, I’ll go check the dryer to see if it’s ready for me to start!  I plan to make this in every combination possible.  Long sleeves, short sleeves.  Tops, tunics, dresses.  All so fun!

(For the Tucson folks, I have a kyoko class in June!  Make the child, tween or adult verson in knit or woven!  Details here!)

PS.  Yes, ALL of Patty’s new patterns are in stock!  :D

  8 Responses to “Missing Clothes”

  1. GOOD FOR YOU!!!! now I’m jealous. :)

  2. Oh how I wish I could sew! I’m so jealous!

  3. I get it! I’ve been in sewing mode and haven’t touched any jewelry in months. I’m a jeweler with an office full of pretties waiting to be made but that sewing machine calls to me….

  4. Hey – you’ve got a great name, too! :) I can’t wait to see your version!

    • I love it! And I put fabric in the wash to make ANOTHER tonight. SO comfy. I plan to make one in each knit fabric and wear nothing else. lol

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