Mar 082011

If that isn’t the world’s oddest blog title, well….truthfully it’s probably not. And please don’t go sending me links to oddly titled blog posts.  😉

New Solids from Moda

More Colors!

Oh I was so excited when I saw that Moda is bringing out TWENTY new colors in solids!  If you haven’t noticed the trend in solid colors…well then maybe you’re new (and if so, WELCOME to the wonderful world of sewing) or you’ve been asleep.  After hearing Cherri House speak at quilt market and then devouring her book, I was hooked on solids and knew I needed to beef up my selection.  SO I will have all 20 new colors, in addition to continually adding more of their colors to my solids selection.

In any case, I’m excited for the colors – all of them.  I particularly am anxious to see the new grays and I am pathetically lacking oranges, so those will be good too!  Oh and purples.  (and I could go on, blues, greens, etc.)  They will arrive sometime in April.  I will also have Fat Quarter and charm sample packs so you can test drive the new colors.  You can find all of Moda’s Bella Basics here, both what I currently have in stock as well as what is coming.

Moda Bella Basics

Solid Fabrics

I very proudly and very deliberately stock Moda’s solids.  The quality is definitely one of the things that won me over to Bella.  It really is beautiful.  I do like it better than Kona.  Also the fact that Moda sells only to independent retailers and not chain stores was a huge decision in my buying.  While I don’t have huge buying power in the fabric world, I can use what money I do have support manufacturers that support me by not selling to chains. (Moda stands out and supports independents in many other wonderful ways as well.)  So if you haven’t given Bella a chance yet, I urge you to do so. 😀

Some of Moda's Blue Basics

Some of Moda's Blue Basics

I will also be bringing back my color stacks so you can add variety to your stash and work on monochromatic projects with ease.  They should be up by the end of the week, and I’ll be sure to post a link for you. (On Twitter and Facebook too!)  I just have to find daylight hours to photograph them!

Have you worked with Bella Basics before? What are your thoughts?

  6 Responses to “Moda Solids (NEW!) and a teeny bit on Kona too”

  1. ummm bella is THE best.
    i’m way addicted. like as in it could be my form of crack addicted.
    moda should just hire me to go around & be their bella solids spokesperson.
    just sayin’.


  2. Isn’t Moda’s new Bella logo the best…I absolutely love it!


  3. 20 more?! That’s awesome!! I love Bella too. Do you know if they are releasing new color cards?


  4. Cool! I don’t use a lot of solids, but I made a custom clutch last week in a gradient style w/ teal, turquoise, blue & grey, and I have to say that I was pleased with the outcome, and will probably be making more for my shop now! I’ve never used Bella, but I was quite unimpressed with the quality of the solids I purchased from hobby lobby! I won’t be buying that again!


  5. I can not express enough how much i LOVE Moda Bella Solids. I only use them. Only 1 little quilt store near me carries a few of the colors, and I try to buy them up quickly.

    When people tell me to use or try using more Kona – I tell them no way. Bella just feels silkier, comfier and all around holds the color so much better. LOVE LOVE LOVE!!

    Since I can now find them here, YAY!


    Melanie Reply:

    @Annie: Yay! I love Moda too! and I’m happy they’re adding colors :-)


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