Aug 262011

July and August in Tucson are bearable because of the Monsoons. And this has been a pretty good monsoon season. This was snapped right before we got rained out during our quick photo shoot….which I’ll share with you soon, but you can always take a peek at my flickr account for a little preview. ;-)

  17 Responses to “Monsoons”

  1. Could that be any more beautiful a snapshot?! Nice eye Melanie!

  2. Gorgeous! Makes me miss Tucson all the more!

  3. Looks like a postcard. Beautiful!!!

  4. That is a beautiful picture.

  5. Oh wow !!!!! how awesome looking is this !

    • Thanks. One of those right place at the right time things! The kids were all really excited about the rainbow – which ended up being a full double rainbow at the end of the storm!

  6. That is gorgeous!! Desert beauty at it’s finest.

    • There really are so many beautiful places around here. Before I moved here, I never thought of the desert as beautiful but It’s not all barren and sandy. :-)

  7. That’s a gorgeous photo, Melanie!

  8. awesome! good job, girl! thanks for shaing!

  9. That is an absolutely breathtaking picture!

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