Aug 242009

A few thoughts from a first time root canal patient.


#1.  All dentist should offer you a diet coke while waiting.  This actually seems like a good practice for any office where you might have a wait.  I think we should start some sort of petition and have congress look at making it into a bill or something.

#2.  Really cool dentists mount flat screen TV’s on the ceiling to let you watch a movie while they are drilling into your jaw.  I watched the first bit of Yes Man.  Hopefully Red Box has it so I can finish watching it.

#3.  I appreciated that the dentist covered my upper lip and chin before he began to work.   They tell you it’s to isolate the tooth and keep the area clean.  I have a feeling that it’s more likely so they won’t be distracted by women with more facial hair than should be allowed by nature.  If I would have known before hand that those areas would be hidden I would have at least waxed my eyebrows.  Those can be a bit overwhelming too when you’re so close…or when you’re far away.

#4.  Can someone tell me why I smelled anise during the procedure?  I don’t like licorice.  If they would have asked before hand, I would have chosen vanilla or jasmine.   ;-)

So clearly I survived and it wasn’t that bad.  Be back later with something serious or crafty at least!  Hope your week is off to a great start!

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  1. I’m glad to hear you survived because I need to do this too and I’m sooooo nervous about it. Will you be getting a crown, too? My dentist (who does NOT have flat screen/scents/etc) says it may take 3 visits total to finish the job. Nice to see you smiling and happy.

    • I actually went to an endodontist that my dentist referred me to. he was able to do mine in just about an hour. I have to get a crown from my regular dentist so I hope that won’t be too bad. Of course, even though it wasn’t that bad, I don’t suppose I’d volunteer to have more done any time soon. :-)

  2. You made me laugh outloud! The crown part isn’t bad — I had that done last summer. Just don’t eat on it (like they tell you not to!). I had to have my temporary replaced less than 24 hours after it was put on. :( But the rest wasn’t bad.

    • Yes, I’m composing a letter to my representatives to make sure that diet coke thing is part of the healthcare reform. I’ll be ticked if it’s not included. ;-) I’m also trying to figure out an angle of laser hair removal and combined dentistry or referrals or something. I’m sure there has to be an opportunity there somewhere. Glad I don’t have to worry about the crown part then. I have a temporary on there right – so I’ll avoid eating on that side until the new one is there. why did you have to have a crown? I know it wasn’t a root canal that was your problem.

  3. you are a good entrepreneur — always thinking!
    I had to get a crown b/c there wasn’t enough tooth left to fill – they had already replaced the silver one and the other one had cracked, or leaked or something. It may have also been far enough down to the bone. I don’t remember – I block out the gross details!  But this summer I had that surgery on my gum – that was an experience! You know that spend too much time and money with my dentist when I get his home cell number and the nurses after my surgery AND when I can run into 2 of the secretaries on different occasions at restaurants and talk like we are old friends!  

  4. You are SO brave! I am totally impressed! Though it still won’t get me in the chair anytime soon! :) My Mom tells about when she gave birth to my older sister, she showed up, they knocked her out & when she woke up…. she had my sister! Not so great for having babies, but it would be awesome for dentistry! I think the diet coke in the waiting room should be drugged…! A good dentist would offer laser hair removal while you are in the chair! People would line up for that! Show up… take a nap…. wake up with no facial hair & great teeth! :)-

  5. Y’all are so funny! Anise? Maybe it was the material we use to “plug up” the canal once they clean it out. The only other smelly thing we use for root canals is bleach!! Glad it all went well! p.s. Diet coke might be seen as a ploy to create more cavities and stain teeth!! (even though I partake daily…)

    • I smelled the bleach too. I figured that one out. I just couldn’t figure out what the licorice smell was from. I was REALLY hoping you’d know for sure! Dang :-) I guess some people smell like a rotten smell, but I didn’t. Even if the diet coke is a plan for more cavities – I like it. :-)

  6. I hope not to know the specialist that well, lynelle! I do talk a lot with my dentist, however, and luke finds that odd. He went to Baylor, has kids close the same age and is very interested in what it takes to run an online business (for his wife I guess) Plus he likes Joe T Garcia’s – so he’s okay in my book. :-)

    Yep totally onto an idea here – drugged diet coke…and all your problems solved while you sleep. Anyone want to make a small business loan to me? ;-)

  7. Glad your root canal went well. It was 2 or 3 summers ago when I had the root canal and ended up in the emergency room on the weekend due to infection. I never did get a crown on that tooth, maybe I should.
    Have a great week. Anxious to visit with you.

  8. Umm…I have one thing to say to you right now: CUTE HAIR!!! Love it, love it, love it!!

  9. Yay! So glad it’s over for you!

    No diet coke for me. I already feel jittery enough in the chair.

  10. you are so funny!! btw, love the hair and that is one great pic, my friend!!!!

  11. I am so scared of root canal but my dentist told me it’s the best thing to do. I’m glad I read your blog! Wheew! Thank you!

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